Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 17:44:03 -0700
From: (Kyrsten Sinema)
Subject: [aapjannouncements] 4th of July AAPJ "Reclaiming Patriotism"  Event at Tempe Beach
To: (AAPJ announcements)

Join the Arizona Alliance for Peaceful Justice on Thursday, July 4th from 6:30-8:45 pm at Tempe Beach Park, northwest corner of Rio Salado and Mill Ave, and help us "Reclaim Patriotism". AAPJ has planned a fantastically talented and fun skit that reminds us of all the great American patriots in history who were also great dissenters and freedom-lovers. In these times, the fact that our forefathers and others who paved the way for us were brave, outspoken dissenters is often overlooked. We want to celebrate our country on July 4th by remembering these dissenters and sharing the idea that dissent is indeed a patriotic act.

Special thanks to the following people who have committed to participate in the skits, which will show at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 pm in the free speech zone at Tempe Beach park (see the next email for a map and directions about parking and shuttle rides to the event): Jeanne, Mitch, Stan, Kevin, Luis, Rochelle, Karla, Emily, Rob, and Sue

We still need 4-5 more volunteers to help make this event a success -- if you can help, try to attend tomorrow's rehearsal. The actors and skit participants will be meeting on Wednesday night for a dress rehearsal at 8:30 at Jeanne's home. Email Jeanne at for directions. Actors, skit participants, and audience supporters will meet on Thursday evening at 6:15, 7:15, and 8:15 to prepare for the presentation of the skits.

There will be a follow up email to this one with a map and directions to the event. We'd love to have lots and lots of AAPJ members and supporters at the event cheering our skit actors on! Please remember to bring water to the event and be prepared for sun and heat. We look forward to seeing everyone there, helping AAPJ "Reclaim Patriotism"!!!

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