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Dear Kevin,

After reading that Jewish paper's article on Nancy Pelosi and how she sang the "Israeli" National Anthem to calm down a room full of hysterical Jews who'd just heard a smoke alarm go of and assumed they were under "terrorist attack", it's hard to imagine anyone putting any hope in her. I'm not sure how far the Aryan nations will advance us, but at least they wouldn't push us any further down the same hole.

Today the Zionists continued their crackdowns in the West Bank and Ghazza. In one attack they killed a 53-year old Briton named Hook who worked for the UNRWA (refugee work). According to the Palestinian doctor who examined his body, he was struck in the abdomen by two explosive dumdum rounds -- a type of ammunition only used by the Zionists. So much for the western media's inability to determine which side had killed the Briton. They also wounded an Irish girl who worked with some NGO that acts as "human shields" and otherwise try to help out the Palestinians under curfew and blocade -- bringing in supplies, etc. Meanwhile the Zionists elsewhere killed one 12 year-old and one 26 year old Palestinian.

Kofi Annan expressed his shock at the fact that the Zionists prevented an ambulance, called by the UNRWA, from reaching Hook. "Shocking" though it may be, this is, however, standard Zionist practice with respect to Palestinian wounded -- if you wait long enough they bleed to death.

Given that Hook was hit by two dumdums, I can't say that he would have survived had the ambulance arrived sooner -- indeed, the report is that he died instantly. Nevertheless, he incident once again betrays the true meaning of Zionist humanity. Or perhaps it shows that they are equal opportunity murderers.

Needless to say, the US media won't treat us to long reports on Hook's death the way it covered that "Israeli" reporter for the Wall Street Journal who was killed for trying to escape from his Islamist captors in Pakistan.

Demonstrations and clashes in Nigeria have left 100 dead and forced Miss Universe or Miss World to ove to the UK instead. In part it was sparked by local papers stupidly opining that the Prophet Muhammad would have wanted to marry one of those airheads.

Tension has been on the rise for months, though. Oprah Winfry has been campaigning against "mistreatment of women" in Nigeria for many months now, using the pageant as a lever to pressure the Nigerians. She can now be proud of her success, but I'm sure that she and her supporters will put the dead down to "Ilamic bigotry."

Naturally, I am not for the various manifestations of patriarchalism -- though beauty contests are hardly more progressive -- but western campaigns to "civilize" the Muslims are just a part of the Bush war for US world domination at the present time -- objectively if not subjectively. (And probably Winfrey is subjectively a good liberal "anti-terrorist" American patriot too. She wouldn't survive long in Hymiewood for very long otherwise.)

Today Putin was urging Bush not to make war on Iraq alone, but meanwhile he joined Bush in insisting that Iraq must obey the UN and totally disarm. So they gang up together to demand that Iraq disarm even as they work out plans for a joint attack!! I'm still not ready to cheer the Chechens, but it's getting harder and harder to sympathise with Moscow.

There's a report in al-Quds al-`Arabi quoting some military experts that half the war against Iraq has been fought already by the US and UK destroying Iraqi defences in the "no-fly Zones" area. That unfortunately is the essence of the last 12 years of "UN" embargo and attacks.

Sooner or later this US arrogance will exact a very high price, I think. The other day some Christian Missionary woman -- a nurse, I think -- was shot dead in southern Lebanon. The local authorities put it down simply to anti-American sentiments. The US is reducing its staff in Jordan, some weeks after a US official there was shot. Then there's Kuwayt, of course. If the US invades and occupies Iraq, the US will be setting itself up as an unambiguous belligerent power as far as the people of that region are concerned. It won't be possible for the US to keep its wars at arm's length any more, and they will probably become much more indiscriminate.

Bin Ladin is terribly popular in the Islamic world right now -- not for his theology, but for his jihad. Still, there are many who complain there about his way of targeting every non-Muslim indiscriminately. But these voices will probably fall silent if the US occupies Iraq. And what else could one expect?



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