Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 01:29:16 -0700
From: Tavares@ALUM.MIT.EDU ("C. D. Tavares")
Subject: Re: Anti-capitalist protest Saturday, September 28th

At 1:31 AM -0400 9/17/02, Mike Renzulli wrote: > In solidarity with anti-globalization actions in Washington, D.C. and around
> the country, please join together in an
> Anti-Globalization Protest
> on Saturday, September 28th
> at Wal-Mart on 3721 East Thomas in Phoenix
> (note corrected address)
> from 11 am - 1 pm

> Wal-Mart is a classic symbol of globalization, with its horrid labor
> practices, its use of indentured servitude on the island of Saipan, its
> unfair treatment to women, its blatant exploitation of people and community
> for profit, and much, much more.

Suggestion from a proud Wal-Mart shareholder: To avoid pissing off your allies, keep this stuff off the guns list. -- | | RKBA!

Proud Founder of the Gazillion Gun-Owners March! Our anthem: It doesn't matter how Many members we can show By presence or application... The overbearing claim Inherent in our name Demands your capitulation!

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