Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 06:32:45 -0700
From: ("mitchrubin")
Subject: [aapjevents] Events Agenda September 1

Tentative agenda for 9/1/02 meeting at 3:30

1. Who is willing to share leadership responsibilities of events/direct action?

2. Planning a 9/11 event (eight days from today)

-what are the biggest events planned? where should we table? -do we join the Rotary club march? -do we need to create a flier for the event that sensitively addresses the 9/11 attack and raises awareness of current dangers

3. September 23 March against U.S. Invasion of Iraq (and kick off of regular AAPJ vigil/billboard lines.)

-we need to end the meeting with specific ideas for anti-invasion signs to give to Tom and Sherry so they would be ready for the 923

-ideas for making additional signs with the $100 allocated

-what is the specific march route upon meeting at Mill and University at 5:00 p.m.

-do we need a permit for a rally?

-should there be speakers at a rally, and if so, who?

-what groups should be contracted to co-sponsor or help publicize the March

-who will do the press work

-review of Victor's anti-invasion flier

4. Review of Proposed Vigil Schedule for Fall 2002

-what changes should be made in it (the schedule is below) -where are all our signs?-do we need to make new signs for billboard lines? -what can we do to make the vigil/billboard lines more effective than last year? -how do we get regular participants?

5. Tempe Butte anti-war sign

Victor reported that despite the new environmental protection changes, it looks like that signs will be allowed on the Butte. One idea is to contact Fuat about sign building. Is Fuat back. Is there anyone else interested in spearheading the stop war type sign?.

6. Community gathering location if, or when, U.S. invades Iraq

How to get the following contingency plan out: If the US invades Iraq before 6:00 p.m. Phoenix time, we will meet that day at 6:00 p.m at the corner of Mill and University Avenue. If the invasion commences after 6:00 p.m Phoenix time, we will meet at 6:00 p.m. the next day at the corner of Mill and University Avenue. All peacekeepers are requested to show up at this event.

How do we get the word out Should this be placed on every flier distributed by AAPJ?

7. September 21-22 Direct Action training

8. October 7 Commencement of US Bombing in Afghanistan

Has anyone contacted the events committee regarding showing the POV documentary "Afghanistan Year 1380," a cassette in one of the ASU auditoriums on October 7.

9. Friday, November 22,

No-violence day plans.

Proposed Vigil Schedule for Fall 2002 Location Date

Mill & University Sept 23rd @ 5 pm

7th Street entrance to I-10 East Sept 30th @ 5 pm

Channel 12 on Central Ave Oct 7th @ 5 pm

Federal Building on Washington St Oct 14th @ 5 pm

Mill & University Oct 21st @ 5 pm

19th Ave entrance to I-10 East Oct 28th @ 5 pm

AZ Republic 3rd St & Van Buren Nov 4th @ 5 pm

Entrance to Metro Cnter Shopping Mall Nov 11th @ 5 pm

Mill & University Nov 18th @ 5 pm

Indian School & Scottsdale Rd. Nov 25th @ 5 pm

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