Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 15:46:33 -0400
From: (Carol Moore)
Subject: [libs4peace] New LP Brochure on Foreign Policy
To: ( L4P), ("L4P-O!" ), (LPNCpeace)

Most of you should have gotten the 24 page brochure in the mail by now. COMMENTS ON BELOW??????

>From new LP Brochure A New Vision for America

Page 18-19

Defending America Against Foreign Threats

The September 11 terrorist atack was a national I tragedy that cost 3,062 people their lives. But it was ; also an opportunity for our nation to thoughtfully reexamine its foreign policy, in order to reduce the likelihood of future attacks.

Of course, there is no guarantee that evil will not strike again. However, a foreign policy that limits our intervention in the quarrels of other nations will reduce the chance that terrorists will ever again target America.

Friendship, non-intervention, and free trade with all nations is atime-honored prescription for an Amenca that is at peace with the world. Unfortunately, that is not a policy most Democratic and Republican politicians have supported.

The U.S. currently has troops deployed in 144 nations and territories around the world. In most cases, our deployment has nothing to do with national security. American troops were sent to dig wells in Haiti, supervise a cease-fire in Morocco, and renovate schools in Belize.

Over the last decade, the U.S. has sent troops into numerous warzones.

In 1993, we dispatched 16,000 troops on a "temporary" mission to end ethnic warfare in Bosnia. In 1994, we sent 20,000 troops to "ensure democracy" in Haiti. In 1999, we launched a bombing campaign in Kosovo to "end genocide."

Libertarians know there is a better way. We understand that America must be a fully engaged participant in the world economy - but should not interfere in the affairs of other nations.

Such a foreign policy would enable us to maintain a strong, vigilant defense while significantly rducing our military spending. To achieve this, we will:

* Withdraw American troops from foreign nations (unless those troops are directly responding to an attack against the United States by a foreign power). We could start with the wealthy nations of western Europe, where about 100,000 American troops are stationed.

*.Remove barriers to trade. International trade is good for consumers, business, and American workers, since nearly 20% of our economy is now fueled by trade with other nations. By cotrast, trade restrictions like tariffs and quotas reduce our standard of living, and cost Americans at least $70 billion per year. There's another benefit to trade: Nations that trade with each other rarely go to war -since commerce promotes cooperation, cross-cultural exchanges, and economic benefits. That's why the United States should take the lead in removing barriers to trade.

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