Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 10:18:07 -0700
From: ("Sherry Bohlen")
Subject: [aapjannouncements] Meeting at McCain's Office RE Attacking Iraq
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Thanks to everyone who participated in and supported the meeting at Senator John McCain's office on Wednesday!

Two significant and immediate issues came out of the meeting:

1) Because Senator McCain is in a "listening mode" regarding attacking Iraq and going to war, we need to strongly call for a TOWN HALL MEETING in a venue large enough to accommodate all of us interested in voicing our concerns! As those of you who were at the meeting yesterday know, I volunteered to work with Senator McCain's office in setting up such an event.

WHAT YOU CAN DO -- Call, email, fax, write to Senator McCain's office and call for the TOWN HALL MEETING that was discussed on Wednesday with Babetter Donaldson. (And encourage friends and family to do the same!)

Senator McCain's Email:

Senator McCain's Address: 2400 E. Arizona Biltmore Circle Suite 1150 Phoenix, AZ 85016

Senator McCain's Tel: 602 952 2410

Senator McCain's Fax: 602 952 8702

2) As constituents were gathering outside the Senator's office, I was approached by the property management and told that we were on private property and that we would have to leave. The community relations police representative intervened and suggested that we move from the parking area to an adjacent grassy area. The property management representative said "No, that's private property and they can't gather there either."

I told the property management person that citizens had the right to gather at their Senator's office and I simply stalled him off for the time-being.

This could become a larger issue, however, so I'm contacting Eleanor Eisenberg with the ACLU for advice and direction. I'll keep you up-dated.

For those of you with whom I've made contact through MoveOn, if you want to be connected to an Arizona-based effort, email me at and I'll be sure that you are in the loop locally.

Thank you again for your thoughtful participation and special thanks to MoveOn for initiating this effort!

in peace Sherry Bohlen MoveOn Volunteer Coordinator for Senator's McCain's Meeting

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