Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 07:07:55 -0700
From: ("howey-consultants")
Subject: ICCA Phoenix meeting 6/11/2002
To: ( "bill bruyn"), ("Orville Weyrich" ), ( "Vaughn Treude"), ("Ron Rimbert" ), ( "Philip Westlake"), ("alan gore" ), ( "donald brandt"), ("john strasser" ), ( "roger orne"), ("John Cox" ), ( "Matt Neclerio"), snail  ("Mike DiRoss" ), ( "Willie Scott"), ("Bob Young" ), ( "vlad Gasic"), ("eherman" ), ( "John Ciallella"), ("David Wagner" ), ( "Brad Hilton"), ("Frank Pahlke" ), ( "Brett Genger"), ("Darrell Clarke" ), ( "James Young"), ("Peter Buechler" ), ( "James Chambers"), ("Ralph Butler" ), ( "Ed Schaffer"), ("Simon Chatfield" ), ( "Peter Williams"), ("James Wasko" ), ( "Brooks Hilliard"), ("Rolando Ferolino" ), ("Frank Wagner")

The next meeting for the ICCA Phoenix chapter is on the 6th of June, 2002. Location is the Executive Park Hotel at 1100 N Central Avenue, Phoenix. This is in the center of town just on top of Interstate10 freeway and Central Avenue. Cocktails at 06:00 Dinner at 06:45 Meeting at 07:00 till about 09:00

The meeting is a dinner meeting so we charge $20 for the meal, but you can attend and not eat if you like. If a bunch are coming, we need to know. Please call for reservations at 602-866-9495, but we can always squeeze in one more at the last minute.

The chapter now has 21 members listed in the National directory at . Check it out! We haven't meet all of the newcomers to the group. One is in Reno and one is part time in St Louis, but we hope they'll stop in soon. Several work out of Tucson and the rest work in the Valley of the Sun.

Come on down and get together this Tuesday.

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