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Subject: FEAR: Fwd: ARO: Forfeiture of college dorm sought for drug dealing

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>Here's a bizarre attempted use of forfeiture laws that -- if successful
>-- could escalate drug enforcement on colleges everywhere.
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>N.H. police chief wants dorm forfeited under drug laws
>By Stephen Frothingham, Associated Press, 8/27/2002 16:27
>DOVER, N.H. (AP) Police arrested nine current and former McIntosh College
>students on drug charges Tuesday, as the city police chief said he was
>pushing federal prosecutors to seize a college dorm under fedeal drug
>forfeiture laws.
>''It is an open-air drug market like we've never seen in the city,'' Chief
>William Fenniman said of the dormitory at 181 Silver St., where most of the
>suspects lived. ''My idea is ... to stop the building from being used for
>illicit activity. Whatever it takes to do that, I'm willing to do.''
>The two-month undercover investigation by city police and the state
>General's Drug Task Force, dubbed ''Operation Home Cookin','' focused on
>students at the college's AtlanticCulinary Academy.
>The raid capped months of increasing tension between the town and the
>college. Fenniman said police have responded to nearly 200 calls in the
>year at the culinary school and dormitory and made 30 to 35 arrests on
>sexual assault and other charges. Another dozen or so current and former
>students have been arrested elsewhere on the campus or in the city, he
>Culinary students who saw the raid had mixed reactions. Amy Todd, 19, of
>Billerica, Mass., and Cecilia Self, 18, of Harrisville, N.H., said police
>used excessive force.
>They said reporters were present before the raid started and news
>photographers took pictures as students were thrown to the ground and
>''They had guns like in a movie,'' Todd said. ''I thought they were going
>arrest all of us.''
>''Why do you need M-14s to arrest kids with weed?'' Self asked.
>The two said that some students smoke marijuana in their rooms, but there
>are few loud parties or hard drugs on campus.
>But another student, Scott O'Connor, told Foster's Daily Democrat he
>approved of the arrests. Drug use at the school ''makes me want to
>transfer,'' he said.
>College President David McGuire said campus security staff had given police
>some information that helped in the investigation. He said the college had
>already kicked some of the suspects out of the school or the dormitory and
>would discipline the others.
>''We fully support the action taken. It's part of an ongoing effort to
>enforce our zero-tolerance policy,''McGuire said.
>Fenniman denied school officials had given the police any useful
>information: ''In fact, they were unaware that this (investigation) was
>taking place.''
>He also blamed school administrators for admitting students on probation or
>parole for serious crimes in other states, under an interstate agreement.
>least three of the suspects arrested Tuesday have past convictions for drug
>offenses, he said.
>''Based upon what we know is going on down there ... the college has to
>seriously entertain a change in their admissions policy,'' Fenniman said.
>''Because it appears in my opinion that all anybody needs to do is show up
>on the doorstep with a spatula in one hand and an application for federal
>aid in the other.''
>At a forum last week organized by a city councilor, McGuire told neighbors
>the college had about 10 students on probation or parole, but defended most
>of the students. He also said the college had increased security at the
>and added residential supervisors.
>However, Fenniman said several months ago he was informed that campus
>security officers were being moved out of the Silver Street dorm. Foster's
>reported several weeks ago that campus security officers said they were
>spending much of their time in a new office on Rutland Street, playing
>Fenniman said he has asked the U.S. attorney's office to use the federal
>crack house law to seize the Silver Street dormitory, the ''headquarters''
>of the drug trade. He said another meeting with federal prosecutors is
>scheduled for Thursday.
>Jean Weld, an assistant U.S. attorney who handles forfeiture claims, said
>seize a building prosecutors must prove the building owner ignored drug
>activity. She would not comment specifically on McIntosh College.
>Fenniman admitted there would be ''legal hurdles'' to a forfeiture
>proceeding against the college. ''But we think we can get over them,'' he
>The police chief said most of the undercover drug buys took place in the
>dormitory parking lot or at a gas station next door, but one suspect was
>dealing openly in a park. Eleven of the undercover buys also took place in
>elementary school zones near Woodman Park School and St. Mary Academy,
>exposing those suspects to enhanced penalties if convicted, he said.
>Among those arrested:
>Eric Wilburn, 27, Rochester, N.Y., faces four charges of selling marijuana,
>three of them in a school zone, and one charge of marijuana possession.
>Corey Payne, 21, of Danvers, Mass., faces four charges of selling
>Ecstasy, Valium and Zoloft. Three sales allegedly took place in a school
>Andrew L. Kostieu, 19, of Hampstead, faces three counts of selling
>marijuana, one of them in a school zone.
>Carolyn Cockrell, 42, of Cincinnati, Ohio, faces one charge of selling
>marijuana in a school zone.
>Kemi Awomolo, 31, of West Africa, faces two charges of selling marijuana,
>one of them in a school zone.
>William T. Roberts, 42, of Rochester, N.Y., was charged with possession of
>marijuana with intent to distribute and conspiracy to distribute.
>Jared M. Perkins, 19, Hayburn, Idaho, was charged with possessing marijuana
>in a motor vehicle.
>Charles A. Poole, 19, of Hampstead, was charged with selling Ecstasy in a
>school zone. Poole is originally from Forest Hill, Md.
>Matthew S. White, 23, of Roanoke, Va., was charged with selling marijuana
>a school zone.
>In an unrelated matter, Taras R. Lane, 34, was arrested on a probation
>violation out of Avondale, Ga., according to police. He has also been
>charged with resisting detention.

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