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Subject: FEAR: Suit filed after cops confiscate motor home

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LAW OF THE LAND Suit filed after cops confiscate motor home Man's vehicle allegedly bore 'obscene' pro-life messages

----------------------------------------------------------------------------= ---- Posted: August 21, 2002 1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Jon Dougherty =A9 2002

A California man has filed suit in U.S. district court in Detroit after= police from Royal Oak, Mich., confiscated his motor home because it= allegedly bore "obscene" pro-life messages.

Officials with the Thomas More Law Center say they filed the suit on behalf= of Ronald Brock, who claims police in the southeastern Michigan city= illegally took possession of his motor home during an automotive rally= last year "in an investigation of obscenity" because it bore "aborted baby= photographs."

The law center, in a statement, said the vehicle "displayed messages and= photographs informing the public about [Brock's] political and religious= views against abortion."

The incident took place in August 2001 during an event known as the= Woodward Dream Cruise Weekend, which is held annually to celebrate= "memories of 'cruising' during the 1950s and 1960s," said the law center.

According to information posted on the Dream Cruise website, the event is= "a mid-summer classic that celebrates the cars, music and memories of= cruisin' in the '50s and '60s in the place that put America on wheels." It= attracts 1.5 million visitors and some 30,000 cars.

Lawyers for Brock, who filed suit Aug. 13, charge that while police= confiscated his motor home, they inored "the customized vehicles= displaying spray-painted murals of naked women and men displaying 'Show Us= Your [breasts]' signs to women. =85"

"Despite finding no evidence of a crime, the police towed away Mr. Brock's= motor home, leaving him stranded on the streets of Royal Oak with a few= personal belongings in a duffel bag," said the center.

The law center said in an effort to "cover their activities," police sought= search warrants from the city's attorney and the county prosecutor's= office, but both were denied.

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