Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 21:27:39 EST
Subject: Re: remove peter at 2003 ALP convention
To: snail 

In a message dated 12/26/2001 9:41:36 AM US Mountain Standard Time, snail writes:

> i consider schmerl a very unethical person
> and would like to remove him and his ALP INC
> gang from the party at the 2003 convention.

Dear Mike:

I'm more than willing to try. Here are the problems.

Problem 1) Maricopa County may NOT actually get on the ballot. November 1st is the cut off for accepting new registrations. It's true that on Nov. 1, the Libertarian Party was 444 registrations above the threshold. However, if enough of those registrations are found to be invalid, they will be subtracted from the November 1st total. The December 1st count was 243 registrations less than the Nov. 1st count. Since it is highly unlikely that so many people moved away and unregistered in the month of November, it is likely that at least that many were new registrations being weeded out. Since the party usually gets an unsolicited net increase of about 20 or 30 each month anyway, it is very likely that number of weeded out registrations was about 260. This means that the LP has a surplus of only about 180. Also, much of the registration drive was performed in and around the homeless shelters. The shelter has what amounts to a general delivery post office. Those who list their address as the homeless shelter are sent a registration card at the shelter. The post office holds them for six weeks; if they are unclaimed they are then returned to the County Recorder, who unregisters them. Since much of the drive was done in the last two weeks of October, these registration cards would have been sitting at the shelter upon the December count, have already been returned to the CountyRecorder and will now be backed out of the January count. The actual proclamation, naming the ballot status parties does not occur until February or March. Peter's erroneous announcement (that 'The Arizona Secretary of State officially announced ... that the Libertarian Party maintained its Arizona ballot status for 2002'. In truth the Sec. State just posted the November figures) aside, it is not a sure bet that Maricopa is on the ballot.

Problem 2) The 'Revolt' in Pima County may be fizzlin. Last time around (January '01) Peter was elected with 40 percent of his State Committee abstaining. Jason has said that he is probably unwilling to lead another such coup attempt. I assume, from this and other things that he has said that most of the mutineers of '01 feel the same... it's not worth the effort. If Jason or another of his Argonauts will organize another revolt, and if Maricopa is on the ballot, then we will have the upper hand in organizing against him in Maricopa next yer.

Problem 3) Peter and Company. He's a good organizer, and he has legitimately outshined us a number of times. Just as in Pima, he recruited a lot of minimally committed, uninformed people and either got them to show up and follow his instructions or worse yet, got their proxies. Secondly, much of our activist core is now no longer interested in the Party, and thus will not run as PCs.

Problem 4) Peter and Company. He will be swinging the gavel at the convention, and his rulings and 'interpretations' will be effective until we sue him in court .... and win. In the past he has 'grandfathered' in PCs favorable to him, even though they legally did not qualify. I'm sure no trick is too brazen for him. In short, if he can't win the organizational battle, he will cheat as he has in the past.

> im willing to run for a PCM and help in
> the effort. also i talked to ricky duncan
> yesterday and i think he is also willing.
> i thought the conventions were every year
> but as jason says officers re only elected
> ever 2 years and 2003 is the next official
> convention.
> mike

Yes, the election will be in January 2003. I'm keeping an eye on the registration figures. If Maricopa indeed makes the ballot, then we can start an organizational drive. Until it's more or less official, I'm not doing much of anything. If its a go, I should know after the first week in January. Then, let's hit the ground running.


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