Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 08:02:11 -0700
From: ("Kevin Spidel")
Subject: [aiarizona] FW: A MAJOR STATEMENT ON THE DEATH PENALTY---Issues of concern for AIUSA

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Amnesty International USA and AIUSA-AZ commends the recent US Supreme Court ruling in Ring v. Arizona, which notes the Sixth Amendment violation inherent in allowing judges to determine capital punishment sentences following a jury's decision of guilt. AIUSA and AIUSA-AZ also recognizes the concern of the Arizona citizenry as well as that of the Arizona Department of Corrections in regard to security and custody issues, that is, in regard to the issues concerning escape risk and dangerousness of inmates previously convicted and sentenced to death. AIUSA and AIUSA-AZ also recognizes that many Arizona citizens have profound concerns that center around the issue of retribution and revenge for victims of homicide. AIUSA and AIUSA-AZ reiterates that numerous sentencing options congruent with the recent Ring v. Arizona decision, are available, which exclude the death penalty and range from fixed-term sentences to that of "life without parole"; i.e., sentencing options that are not within the AIUSA mandate to endorse or to reject. AIUSA and AIUSA-AZ continues to believe that adherence to the Sixth Amendment of the US Constitution can be assured along with security, custody, and retribution without jury re-sentencing of convicted inmates to death, which AIUSA considers a grave human rights violation; i.e., the violation of every human beings "right to life" [ a right recognized under such human rights standards as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights]. It is AIUSA's and AIUSA-AZ's expectation that as the Arizona legislature acts to assure Sixth Amendments Rights, such as judicial review by ones peers, responsible executive, legislative, and judicial representatives of the citizens of Arizona will not abrogate the most basic of human rights; i.e., "the right to life" in the re-sentencing of formerly condemned inmates or of current or future defendants in capital cases.

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