Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 16:22:24 -0700
From: ernesthancock@COX.NET (Ernest Hancock)
Subject: Parking ticket - 10%

My wife Donna got a parking ticket yesterday. The first thing she said to me was, "I'll just take off the 10% and mail it in."

I told her that the $16 ticket would surely become a $32 ticket and that after 50 days they would issue a summons. She didn't care. It was worth the extra money just to be a thorn in their side (don't ya just wanna give her a big wet one :)

This morning she had a city employee come into our little Pizza Restaurant and tell us that a sign that has been out in fron of our store for 4 years was a sign violation and had to be taken down or they would do it for us right then.

I knew that the sign was a violation and it was why I had a VW Bug painted (the one in the New York Times photo) and parked it at the corner of the parking lot so people knew where I was. But I kept the large a frame sign there because it was pretty and good marketing. I'm surprised that it stayed that long. The first one that I put up 3 years ago disappeared after about 3 months. So this time I made it out od 3/4 inch plywood and very large chains so that it wouldn't be taken without a chainsaw and bolt cutters. I told my wife to go ahead and take it inside (you pick your battles :)

Two days of government messing with my wife makes her much more tolerant of my activities. She sees that what we do is more for her mental health than anything else. She knows that whenever the government crosses her line that there is always something that can be done that has little risk and is to be considered entertainment.

She wouldn't give our son's SSN so he could get his Intructional Permit without first causing them at least some pain (that's in the works now with the first hearing request sent). Now she's going to withhold her 10% of the parking fine. And I suspect she'll have a plan for the extra store sign soon.

Now think how other households deal with these types of government abuses. If we all just did our part what would the world be like?


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