Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 09:55:34 -0700
From: (Warren Michelsen)
Subject: Re: can this site run cgi's ---
To: snail  (MIKE ROSS), snail ,,,

At 9:28 AM -0700 6/25/01, MIKE ROSS wrote: >to:Warren Michelsen
>mike dugger told me to contact you about this.
> ...
>i would like to add a web page that will allow officers
>of the libertarian party to snd press releases via email
>to both media contacts and our party members thru this
>to do that i will need one or two perl scripts which will
>execute the unix sendmail program to send the press releases....
>if this can be done:
>1) what do i have to do to place my web pages and
> perl code on the site? can i telnet in, or
> do i have to ftp everything to the site?

This not currently a Unix box. You would have to ftp file in. Not being Unix, it does not run sendmail.

I do, however, run another cgi that has a sendmail function, so what you want to do it very easy to implement. I'll work with you to accomplish this.

>2) initially we will probably send out 1000 emails to
> a month announcing our monthly meetings. the emails
> will probably be 2000 characters or less with
> not pictures. will this cause any increases in
> the cost of the site?



I email from forms all the time. Go ahead and design the web pages and I'll add the form action to do the sendmail. We can work out the details via private email. I'll need to know if the distribution list will always be the same or if the user will fill in a distribution list each time. I'll need a list of authorized users (login/password combinations) for all persons permitted to send these releases so we can password protect the pages -- that sort of thing.

As for access to the server via ftp, I'll need to hear from Mike Dugger himself before I set anything up for you. Mike can simply share his login info withyou or he can have me set up a separate directory for you and your forms within his site directory. But I need to hear from Mikey regarding this access.


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