mike holland - your the speaker at the sept 18 libertarian meeting
the details are:


dinner 6:00pm meeting 7:00pm -9:00pm


china village restaurant 2710 e indian school road phoenix, az (602)956-9840

please send us some info on you and your talk that we can put in a press release to get in the newspapers.



ps - mentioned to you on the phone that the arizona territerial constition a clause that supported fully informed juries. i dug it up at the phoenix library

its in the bill of rights at the end of art 16. it says "the jury shall have theright to determine the law and the fact"

its on page 26 of a book called

"the compiled laws of the territory of arizona" compiled and arragned by the authority of an act of the legislative assembly approved feb 9, 1877. its a old leather bound book on the 5th floor of the phoenix library in the arizona room. its call number is

345.1 AR47c1

also in article XXII of the current arizona constition in section 2 it says that all the laws of the arizona territory are in force till they are repealed or expire

if you want a copy of it i can mail it to you

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