there is no federal law that requires a person to get a social security number.
per march 2, 2001 friday usa today artical which is an anti-irs income tax article
published every friday
there web page probably has the article its
                             P            G    IRSH          - keep these letters uppercase! all other letters stay lower case
(there address and phone number is at the bottom)

use that argument to get a drivers license with out one.

write to my federal congressman and tell them the plight of fred nova who was arrested for driving with out a drivers license and cant get one.

get the congress man to use federal pressure to get mr fred nova a drivers license

we the people foundaton for constitutional education inc 2458 ridge rd queensbury, ny 12804

(518)656-3578 (518)656-9724 fax P G IRSH - keep these letters uppercase! all other letters stay lower case

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