why terrorists bombed WTC in 1993 
why did the terrorists bomb the WTC in 1993?

this is from the article

"Recovering Our Bearings" by Jacob G Hornberger Freedom Daily (missleading name its published monthly) December 2001 issue


After the 1993 terorist bombings of the World Trade Center, the terrorists publicly declared their reasons for the bombing: the permanent stationing of troops in Saudi Arabia; the embergo and blockade of Iraq that has, according to UN officials, caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children; and U.S. foreign economic and military welfare for the state of Israel. Later Osama bin Laden reemphasized those three reasons for declaring war against the U.S government and American people.


i have told the above info to most of you before. but this just gives some dates and sources so it can be documented better. as for the dead iraqis i have been say the number was 500,000 killed over 10 years.

while no one has taken credit for the bombing of the WTC on sept 11 i suspect it was done for the same reasons?


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