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Subject: [lpaz-discuss] Fw: A rather large raffle for Tim Weaver

Another .50 cal. raffle :)

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Subject: A rather large raffle for Tim Weaver

Sorry for the intrusion, but we are going to have a little fun fighting for freedom and we need your help. ;) Many of you recall the .50BMG raffle we held last year which funded Bob Stewart's fight against the BATF (still hasn't gone to trial since a judge gave him his rights back). Now it is time for another raffle to fund another brand of freedom fighting. Tim Weaver and I have been concentrating on Glendale, Arizona ... because they asked for it. We have been busy embarrassing the City Council, the City Manager, the Mayor, the City Attorney. Why? The wouldn't obey the gun law (and many others).

Heck, there was only one more thing that could get their panties in a bunch. Tim Weaver has decided to run for Mayor against the anti-rights encumbant, Elaine Scruggs. Check out for more info.

I'll let Tim Weaver (TimW on GlockTalk, TFL, AssaultWeb, AR15, FALFiles, etc) take it from here.

Thanks for your help,

Rick DeStephens
Glendale, Arizona


In an effort to raise some money for my campaign and to promote the tools of reedom, I am having a raffle. Now, this isn't just any raffle where there's one cool (or sometimes lame) prize. This is a raffle with many prizes (and we are trying to get more). Currently, they are:

Dillon RL550B complete reloading set up in the caliber of choice and shipped to the winner, donated by Dillon Precision.

100 rounds of .50 BMG ammo, donated by Thunderbird Cartridge Company

Set of books signed by Colonel Jeff Cooper, Gargantuan Gossip 1, Gargantuan Gossip 2, Another Country and Modern Technique of the Pistol, donated by Gunsite

Sidearmor Gift certificate for a holster and mag carrier donated by Sidearmor,

"Arizona Gun Owner's Guide" and "US Gun Laws" by Alan Korwin, donated and autographed by the author

Instructor's Belt, 5-stitch Original donated by The Wilderness Tactical Products

Alternative Force training video by C J Caracci (purchased, not donated)

Other prizes to be announced
The raffle will be conducted in the following manner:

All ticket stubs will go into a container and mixed up well. Six tickets will be drawn and placed in a line and designated as ticket 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

The prizes will be drawn in order of relative value with the least expensive prizes going first. A standard 6-sided die will then be roled. The number that comes up will win the prize that was being drawn.

Then ALL tickets, including the winner's, will go back into the container and be mixed up well. The procedure will repeat until all prizes are awarded.

Yes, this means that there is a chance one individual could win more than one prize.

In the interest of fairness, neither I nor Rick DeStephens, nor our families, will purchase tickets since we are the ones coordinating this raffle. I have added the additional step of the die-roll to add an additional element of randomness to the mix, to insure everyone has a chance.

We will e-mail your ticket stub numbers. Those buying three or more tickets will have them snail mailed to them if they so request. The drawing date will be Wednesday, February 13th, 2002.

Only 1,000 tickets have been printed. If we are lucky, we will get them all sold.

Tickets will cost $10 each. Due to the nature of this raffle, I will not be accepting PayPal or any other electronic payment method. Checks and money orders can be sent to:

Tim Weaver for Mayor
Box 412
20280 N. 59th Ave #115
Glendale, AZ 85308

Please make sure to include in the memo area of the check/money order that this is for the fundraising raffle. This will insure it's not mixed up with regular campaign contributions. Also, make sure you have a valid MAILING address so I can mail your ticket stubs. Include a phone number/valid email as well so I can contact you should a) you win or b) there is a problem. This raffle is NOT tax deductible.

If you have any questions, please email me at with the subject "Raffle".



Tim Weaver
Candidate for Mayor
Glendale, Arizona
March 12, 2002

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