Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 20:05:34 -0700 (MST)
From: thekoba  (K J WALSH)
Subject: trivial pomp and circumstance
Cc: thekoba , snail ,,,

I had initially thought the graduation ceremony from the Citizen Police Academy was thursday the 14th, but I saw on the invitation that it was the 13th, and I remembered that the initial schedule indicated that it was the one session that was not on a thursday evening, so I went to City Hall tonight for that. It had been scheduled for 6 PM to 8 PM, but it ran for not quite a full hour. It started late, and by 7 PM it was all over.

Uncle-Tom-In-Chief Harold Hurtt was not there as scheduled. We were told he had been double booked and had to be at some other occasion (probably bar-hopping with Mayor Rimza). I heard some good news before the session began. The fellow cadet who is a dispatcher for the Capitol Police told me that the Capitol Police will be merged with the Department of Public Safety and that my nemesis Captain Swart will lose his job.

Lieutenant Barnes made a lame speech in which she quoted Martin Luther King and some other historical degenerate whose name escapes me and thanked us for having sacrificed our thursday evenings to learn how to help the Phoenix Police with its mission. Then Commander Andy Anderson, director of the Public Affairs Bureau, made a speech telling us that we are ambassadors of the Phoenix Police to the community and that we are essential in building support in the community for the police to assist their mission of crime suppression.

We then were called individually by name to receive a plaque while being photographed shaking hands with Commander Anderson. I told him I thought I remembered him having been on the news often when he was of the rank of sergeant. He said that I must be an old guy to remember that (I am 35). Upon examining my plaque I found they had got the date wrong. It indicated it had been awarded on August 15, 2002. It was in fact awarded November 13th of that year. Perhaps this indicates that I had initially been scheduled for the 43rd class instead of the 44th. Most of the others had the correct dates on their plaques.

We had a slide show, showing photographs that had been taken of presenters and class members during the various sessions. Then we assembled for a group photographs. Then we were served cake and punch, and that was the end of the graduation.

Well I am an ambassador to the community now, and I will certainly willingly share, as I have already shared with many, the things I have learned. They will be disappointed, however, if they think my outlook will be favourable towards them. This concludes my reports on the Citizen Police Academy.

--Kevin Walsh

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