Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 18:29:01 -0700 (MST)
From: thekoba  (K J WALSH)
Subject: Session 7:  Officer Involved Shootings
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Session 7 of the Citizen Police Academy was held last night. There will be a break of two weeks before the next session in observance of the Eve of All Saints. Session 8 on firearms and arrest tactics takes place on the Red October. Oh well, some holidays are more important than others to these people :-)

Mike Ross once asked me if I ever feel like strangling the presenters of these sessions. I have kept an even temper through most of this course and looked upon the police propaganda and even outright falsehoods with some humour, and I have tried to be objective to keep the quality of the information as high as I can, and when in class I have striven to remember that I am there to learn, not to make trouble. Last night, with the third speaker, I was truly angry, and if there seems to be some lack of objectivity in my report, that is why.

The third presenter, a medically retired Tempe police officer named Wesley Scott Tipton, was involved in a gunfight with a citizen on 14 July 2000 in which the citizen was killed and the officer was permanently disabled. I will mince no words: The outcome saddens me. I wish Tipton had been killed and the citizen had gotten away. Tipton belongs in the grave or in prison at least. There is some comfort in knowing that Tipton is too severely disabled to be a cop. He will at least not be able to do that to anyone else. He truly earned the epithet "pig", but I'll discuss that case in detail later.

The first presenter, Sergeant Brett Draughn of the Phoenix Police, gave a clinical presentation of the effects of deadly force situations or stressful situations in general on the human body. There is the instinctive three choice reaction: fight, flight, or freeze. As cops are expected not to flee or freeze, part of the training in the Police Academy, is to prepare them to cope with a potential threat. In a stressful situation, the human brain's limbic system releases adrenaline and some other chemicals into the blood stream. These chemicals cause physiological changes, including increased pulse, respiration and blood pressure. Antibodies, fat cells and cholesterol are also released. Pulse is normally in the vicinity of 60 to 80 beats per mnute in a healthy adult. Under stress this can rise a great deal, even over 200 in some cases. When the pulse is that high, physical strength and stamina for hand-to-hand combat or running away are very high, but the thought process is dulled, and fine motor skills needed to aim firearms, drive, and perform other essential tasks are diminished. It has been found that the body and mind perform best in a deadly force situation when the pulse rate is between 115 and 145. For this reason, part of police acaemy training is designed to accustom officers to the stress of simulated deadly force encounters and thus keep their pulse rates from rising much above 145 when they have read deadly force encounters.

Draughn continued to say that certain peculiar symptoms occur among officers who are involved in deadly force incidents and ranked them from the most common to the least common:

--diminished hearing --tunnel vision --accelerated perceived time --memory loss --memory distortion

Of the last two, I think there is tremendous potential for abuse by psychologists and psychiatrists sympathetic to the police, particularly where falsehoods about events which would be incriminating to the officers are dismissed as natural physiological or psychological reactions. Sgt. Draughn gave us a list of some books for further and more detailed reading. Doubtless most mental health experts are in the pay of persons in authority, so these books may contain extremely biased information or outright falsehoods, but for what it's worth, here's the list:

<Deadly Force Encounters> by Dr. Alexis Artwell

<On Killing> by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

<The Gift of Fear> by Gavin DeBecker

The next speaker was a retired Phoenix police officer, J. Dauer, who arrived walking on an artificial left leg. He told the story of how a gang member sniped at him with a .3006 deer rifle from a distance of 100 metres in revenge for the death of his cousin at the hands of a SWAT team. Dauer had been at a traffic stop for some irrelevant matter when he was ambushed. He had misjudged the location of the shooter, because one feels the pain of an exit wound far greater than that of an entry wound, and the uninitiated tend to think the round came from the direction it was actually going towards. This caused a delay in the capture of the assailant, but when the detectives actually examined the scene and found that the tissue was pointing the opposite way, they correctly apprised the probable location of the assailant, and he was eventually captured.

I was not much emotionally involved in Dauer's story one way or the other, as it was simply a conflict between two anti-social elements (cops and drug dealers), and Dauer dwelt primarilly on the objective informational aspect of it.

Tipton, however, rubbed me the wrong way from the start. He talked of how much he loved being a cop because he hated bullies and loved to hear them curse at going to jail and gloat. He was already showing himself to be the worst sort of bully--the one who betrays a public trust and acts in the name of the people.

On Bastille Day 2000, he was called to rendezvous with a woman who complained that her boyfriend was following her around and had assaulted her earlier. He met her and found she had some bruises on her arms. It is not my place here to go on an anti-feminist tirade, but I will briefly mention that incidents of this sort where women are persuaded by feminist propaganda and sick feminist fantasies about "domestic violence", "stalking", "date rape", and "custodial interference" etc. into using the cops to oppress working-class men illustrate why feminism is the enemy of the left and does not empower women but objectively oppresses working class people, both men and women.

Tipton said he saw the boyfriend's car in the distance and drove over to it. He approached the car on foot and asked the citizen to get out of the car. He said, "I could see he was reading the United States Constitution, so I knew this wouldn't be easy." Evidently this pig fears those who know their rights.

The citizen asked why he needed to get out of his car. Tipton said he wanted to ask him some questions. The citizen said, "No, you can ask me anything you like right here."

Tipton opened the car door and tried to pull the citizen out. He failed. Tipton then sprayed pepper spray in this citizen's face. The citizen drew his .45 and emptied it into the cop, reloaded it, chased the cop in the parking lot and tried to finish him off. Unfortunately the citizen's gun jammed, and the cop, through his training, managed to find his and get off three rounds into the citizen. Since cop ammunition is hollow point, one round sliced the citizens intestines to ribbons, and he died two days later in hospital of septicemia. The cop nearly died himself, but some misguided paramedics and doctors saved him.

This citizen was not anti-social or some hard core offender. His only prior record was one arrest for posession of a small quantity of marijuana, and he was having some civil trouble with the IRS. For all we know the bruises on his girlfriend may have been inflicted in self- defense or self-inflicted. He had just been pushed too far by the authorities one time too many. He probably knew that the courts would believe a woman over a man in a domestic violence case and that if he was convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor, he would permanently lose his right to keep and bear arms (a clever tool by the authorities to disarm the working class). He was determined to die rather than submit to feminist slavery. He set a good example, and he got one vile pig off the streets, if not off the planet.

--Kevin Walsh

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