Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 19:18:29 -0700 (MST)
From: thekoba  (K J WALSH)
Subject: a few miscellaneous precedents

>Hi Kevin,
>Regardless of our political disagreements you have been very principled
>throughout all of this. I appreciate that. I am sorry we will not be able
>to work together in a closer capacity. However, I appreciate your offer to
>do further research, which I'll likely take you up on in the near future.
>Take care and see you around,

Dear Joel,

I finally got around to going to the library to look up my last few remaining leads. I did find a few useful things.

In State v. Wilson (1986) 152 Ariz. 127, the state Supreme Court held, "To be convicted of hindering prosecution in Arizona, the defendant must assist some 'other person' who commits, or who is attempting to commit, a crime." --p. 130

In Newell v. Town of Oro Valley (1990) 163 Ariz. 527 the Court of Appeals Division Two held, "Any time police officer has lawfully detained motorist, he may order motorist to get out of car and may remove him if he refuses to comply with that order." --p. 527.

In State v. Martinez (1979) 122 Ariz. 596, the Court of Appeals Division Two held, "The policy reasons for prohibiting suspects from determining on the streets whether an arrest complies with due process do not justify abrogation of the right of self-defense against bodilly hrm from the use of excessive force by a policeman, even during an arrest." --p. 598.

I have still received no word on the status of my application for the Citizen's Police Academy. If I ever do receive a response, I will notify you of it.

I have given you the internet address of the Phoenix Police Department's crime statistics. Unfortunately they do not contain arrest or arrest demographic data, only crimes reported and calls made, which are obviously not the same thing. When I inquired about that, I was refered to the form for request for public records. Upon visiting that site, it was clear that all that was offered was requests for individual arrest records and incident police reports. One could theoretically construct a data base by requesting all of these, but the cost and time would be prohibitive, for me at least. Perhaps some criminology or sociology grad student would do that for his dissertation, but that's beyond my commitment at this time.

Again, let me know if there's anything else you want e to research.



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