Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 14:48:02 -0700
From: ("LPMaricopa")
Subject: Libertarian TV
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Thanks for supporting the Libertarian TV project. Doesn't the idea of Libertarian TV sound good?

Let me give you the particulars on the video hardware class, that we are required to attend prior to using Access Phoenix's equipment. a.. Please pick one of these dates if you are still uncommitted. a.. Session 1: Saturday 11/16/02 b.. Session 2: Saturday 12/21/02 (*date subject to change) b.. We have reserved spots for both weekends, so there is nothing to do, except show up. c.. Please arrive at 8:45AM. The class is scheduled to finish at 1:00PM. The cost is $30. d.. Ed Carlson will attend this weekend, I will attend the class in December. e.. We will begin programming in January. Here's a link and map: Access Phoenix 3322 West Catalina Drive Phoenix, AZ 85017

Now, I want to address a question about whether we should use the local public access channel to produce our Libertarian TV show. Is taxpayer money being used? The MCLP position on this subject is; "taxation is theft". I strongly concur with this position butrealize that we need to be clear when discussing taxes. Prior taxation does not mean that we can not hold a voter registration drive in a public park or outside the county library. We are not fighting the battle for the past, we are fighting the battle for the future.

As many of you know, cable companies were viewed as competitors to traditional broadcast television and to secure franchise agreements, agreed to federal regulation mandating dedicated public access channels. Eventually the Federal regulations went away and local communities provided for public access via renewable contracts.

I spoke with a Cox Communications corporate officer about this subject. He stated that in those communities where many bids are accepted, they include public access channels to remain competitive. In Phoenix, this translates into a conscious business decision by Cox. In a true marketplace comprised of multiple cable providers, some would include public access to attract certain groups of customers much like a dedicated sports or news channel. The problem is not with a contract that provides public access but rather with the monopolistic business practices allowed to exist.

The second part of this question centers on Access Phoenix's (501c3) role. They serve as the conduit between the producer, equipment and air time. I do believe that this group received seed money from the City of Phoenix around 1995. They also have existing contracts with the City of Phoenix to provide content and editing services. We have the option to use their studio and equipment. It is not free, we pay a nominal hourly charge based on the depreciation of their equipment. As long as the city is not paying actual costs associated with our use, I do not see a problem.

Regards, Jim.

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