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Subject: [lpaz-repost] Cook County ballot rigging may void election

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Cook County ballot rigging may void election

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 10, 2002, 9pm CST

Contact Andrew Spiegel, Esq., Libertarian Party of Illinois General Counsel, 630.567.5379 Austin Hough, State Chair, Libertarian Party of Illinois, 630.378.4593 Les Cut-The-Taxes Golden, Republican candidate for 78th District State Representative, 708.848.6677 Illinois State Board of Elections, 312.814.6440 or 312.814.6431 Cook County State Board of Elections, 312.603.0906

Web sites Libertarian Party of Illinois Illinois State Board of Elections

Today the Illinois State Board of Elections took action against the Cook County Board of Elections for illegally altering ballot names, ordering the County Board to immediately restore the names as they appear on the ballot as officially certified by the State Board.

In violation of the Illinois Constitution, Illinois Election Code, and the US Constitution, the County Board unlawfully edited candidate names on the ballot, removing nicknames at their whim. The ballot rigging affects Stephanie Vs. The Machine Sailor, the Libertarian candidate for 9th District US Representative and Les Cut-the-Taxes Golden, the Republican candidate for 78th District State Representative. State election law allows candidates to include their nicknames on the ballot.

Sailor vs. The Machine. Its my nickname. Its my website. Its my branding. Its my identity, says Sailor. The Cook County Board may not like my nickname but that doesnt authorize them to illegally delete it as they so desire.

Their unlawful activities have placed the etire election in jeopardy. With this kind of Machine running the show, theres no such thing as a free and fair election.

If the County Board fails to comply to the State Boards demands by 4:30pm, October 15, 2002, the entire election may be upset in the 9th US Congressional District and 78th State Representative District, as Illinois Supreme Court has held that an election using an invalid ballot can be declared null and void in that particular electoral district.

A.L. Zimmer, General Counsel of the State Board, sent a strong letter late today to David Orr, County Clerk and Chairman of the Election Board, demanding that they comply to the law.

The rule of law and a free and fair election are in peril due to the Cook County Boards illegal ballot actions. Perhaps we need international election observers in Cook County, just like in other developing nations, states Andrew Spiegel, General Counsel to the Libertarian Party of Illinois.

If the public took a closer look at what happens in the election process, they would find what occurred in Florida with Bush vs. Gore is the rule, not the exception. Shenanigans over elections start long before the first vote is even cast.

Attorney Burt Odelson appeared at the hearing today on behalf of Democrat Deborah Graham, the opponent to Les Cut-the-Taxes Golden in the 78th State Representative District. Odelson objected to the County Boards altering of the official ballot, in fear that the unauthorized changes could render te November 5 election null and void, and the court may order a new election.

This is a tragedy. Individuals have to obey the law but Cook County government officials can disregard the law as they please, says Golden.

Due process, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and equal protection are foreign phrases to Cook County government. They were hoping nobody would notice the name alterations until we went to vote.

Odelson is considering joining any legal actions the State Board may take against the County Board. Sailor and Golden are considering further legal action if the County Board fails to comply with the law.

Currently, there are four cases pending in the Illinois Appellate Court concerning ballot access for six other Libertarian candidates.

Now the State Board knows what its like when an electoral board violates the Election Code and the Constitution in order to rig an election, says Spiegel.

A call has gone out for independent election servers to oversee the ballot vote in Illinois to ensure a free and fair election.

For further information, please contact Andrew Spiegel at 630.567.5379. ##

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