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Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 15:02:37 -0700
From: ("Ernest Hancock")
Subject: Re: [lpaz-discuss] Re: Special Question for ALL Atheists and Godless.

> That's why I care.
> --Jason Auvenshine

Looks like you just wrote his first opening page.

But you're not going to get me to care what goes on in another's head until their actions are such that they are in violation of the NAP. The WLA is a perfect example of allowing others to believe what they wish as long as their believe is not being forced upon me to even have to understand what they believe. The more other's beliefs are pushed upon me the more I find their motivations suspect. Do they _need_ me to believe to validate them or get more salvation stripes on their sleeve or what? Is there a test I have to pass? And who's going to grade it?

If someone must know what I believe and wants to debate it then I may accommodate them,... or not. Depends what mood I'm in.

John Wilde wishes to be known as a WLA supporter as does Manfred Alber. But their views on the universe are very different from each other. The common thread that I have with both of them is that we all agree in the NAP. The WLA newsletter that just went out was very clear about individual libertarians not wanting to associate with other very good philosophical libertarians that they find (although very libertarian) offensive or somehow unpleasant to them personally for any reason, is very libertarian. It's like going around telling people what to think instead of how to think.

Advocating that reason and logic is what is going to lead to finding God in the details is a greater validation of God _and_ reason and logic. Those that believe God can be other than logical and reasoned has a very warped sense of what an all knowing all powerful being would be. So the advocacy of Logic and Reason is very compatible with "The Force". In fact logic and reason is the best evidence of God that I know of.

It's all about what you stress in your life. Not what you think another thinks.


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