Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 18:51:06 -0400
From: (Carol Moore)
Subject: [libs4peace] Why Dasbach Resigned (non-definitive)
To: (Lpus-misc)

For insights into why see the Executive Committee minutes posted at: I'll let someone else read more carefully and summarize the minutes, which include a couple points below as well as others. I'll just list a few insights a little bird told me which I wrote down (subjectivity levels noted).

1. The party is bankrupt and may still be after cashes in last certificate--or til a whole bunch of money comes in the mail.

2. The staff has build up more than $100,000 (including taxes) of very generous leave, vacation time, etc that is owed, without authorization by or notice to the LNC.

3. The staff was moving money around from the Convention Account to pay operating expenses which it really should not have been doing.

4. The Natl Director doesn't want to fire any staff and doesn't seem interested in being clear on who is doing what and how many hours they are working and what they are getting paid. (More clarification needed on this.)

5. It's clear a forensic audit is going to have to be done to dig through 5-6 years of accounts. (Subjective comment.)

6. The current staff is mostly people who don't really know how to sell liberty so they are happy to get and keep members by compromising principles and tolerating those who support statist abuses. (Very subjective comment.)

Just hope whoever is working on getting LP out of those $9,000 a month offices is busy looking.

Carol in dc...

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