Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 00:47:05 -0700
From: (Kyrsten Sinema)
Subject: [aapjevents] Bush Protest September 27th
To: ( Kevin Spidel), (Sue Hilderbrand ), ( AAPJ Teach-in), (AAPJ Events ), ( Josh Smusz), (Chad Campbell ), ( Joan Fitz-Randolph), (Bud Day ), ( Beverly Fox-Miller), (Joe Bernick), (Joel Foster )

Join together in Solidarity for A Protest Against President Bush on Friday, September 27th

Meet at Patriot Square Park at 3 pm (tentative time), then march to the downtown Civic Center Plaza, where we'll protest Bush's well.... pretty much everything the man does is worthy of protest, s you can pick from the following:

1. Threatening unprovoked war on Iraq, then promising to back off if they agree to weapons inspections, then saying, oops! we didn't really mean that we'd back off! 2. Stealing all of our civil liberties in the name of something called freedom (it's okay, I wasn't using those liberties anyway). 3. Creating an Office of Homeland Security, then stripping employees of all their workplace rights (supposedly in the name of security, but in reality just to gut workers' rights). 4. Working to destroy all natural land and forestry in the United States by oil drilling and old growth-tree logging. 5. Establishing Operation TIPS, in which your mailman is rewarded for tattling on you and your neighbor. 6. Paving a wide, clear path for corporate greedheads to steal our money and build $15 million homes after getting "caught". 7. Putting arsenic in our water. 8. Setting up secret tribunals to persecute innocent people for indefinite periods of time without notifying their families. . Pretending there's no such thing as global warming. 10. Stealing the election. 11. Crowning himself King of the World for Life (oh wait, he's not taking over the world for another year...). 12. Other ________________________________

Whatever your reason, join us in solidarity as we protest the Shrub on Friday, September 27th. Keep your eyes open for updates on time, and check our website for directions to the event. Contact for more info. or visit

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