Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 07:00:28 -0000
From: ("maywood2008")
Subject: [lpaz-Pima] WLA meeting re-cap

We had 12 people at the WLA meeting - thanks to all who came.

1) based on consensus, 12 individuals decided that we would have meetings at Cody's on the third Wednesday of the month. So the next meeting will be on October 16. I tried to set a trap and called for a vote, but Kyle was too shrewd and quick to note that there are no votes in WLA :-)

2) libertarian campaigns for the fall. Joe Duarte and Bob Quilici were the two candidates in attendance who asked for our help.

It looks like PCC is dropping the charges against Joe, but his hearing is still going to be on Monday the 16th (that's THIS Monday) at 9:30 AM at the Hall of Justice or whatever it's called. I'll leave it to Joe to give the specifics. Since the charges are going to be dropped we're not going to do a protest, but Joe woul like people to come and support him if they can.

I'm working on getting Bob a speaking opportunity with Firearms Action Committee of Tucson - I've gotten speakers at the last four monthly FACT meetings so this should not be a problem. I recommend all activists who have the night free come to Desert Trails on Friday Sept 20 at 7:00 PM, because FACT members are extremely hard-core about their freedom.

3) Terry Bressi is the Pima County coordinator for the We The People organization which is demandin that the federal government provide redress for grievances regarding the federal income tax. I grilled him pretty hard on what WTP is claiming is the law, and I have proof that WTP founder Bob Schulz is speaking fraudulently on a number of points and I presented my evidence.

But in the interests of fair play, I suggest people form their own opinion after visiting WTP's website:

4) We had a brief discussion about doing ballot initiatives or possibly opposing initiatives in 2003 and 2004. I fully expect John Kromko to get a light-rail initiative on the ballot in 2003, and this is something that needs to be opposed because it is a big waste of money and will create yet another transportation welfare program. John Nemeth is extremely knowledgeable about this issue and I imagine he'll be able to poke all kinds of holes in such an initiative.

I talked with Ernie Hancock last week and he suggested that we in Pima get accustomed to the initiative process by starting one up in one of the smaller cities, like Marana or Oro Valley. Then we can take a bigger bite in 2004, possibly a statewide initiative. More on that later...

5) Reminder: Neither Jason nor I is the boss of WLA in Tucson. If you read the Covenant of Alliance and agree with it, and you want to call a meeting or start a project, you have that power. And likewise, each individual has the power to decide whether to join you or not.

I hope everyone is thinking about what kinds of projects, however big or small, can be done. Evenif you don't think you can be the leader of a project, your suggestion can lead to someone else stepping in to carry the load.

Again, thanks to everyone who came. I'm looking forward to some great activism with you all.

David Euchner

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