Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 19:10:47 -0000
From: ("auvenj")
Subject: [lpaz-discuss] Re: Freedom Summit News / Remove Requests


I am someone with lots of 'net experience. I was doing email and bulletin boards in the mid-1980s, when the modems were 300 baud and a message such as yours would take several minutes to download. :-)

Throughout all of that time, I have seen hundreds, perhaps thousands, of "removal instructions" on the various boards and lists I have been on. Usually they are just one line ("Click here to be removed"). Sometimes it takes a few lines to get the point across.

Yours is the first set of removal instructions that I've seen take 11 paragraphs. Congratulations. Some may try to detract from your momentous achievement by noting that a person only REALLY had to read the first paragraph to find out how to be removed.

Don't concede. All 11 paragraphs are vital. A person wishing to be removed would be unwise to not have read the other 10 paragraphs. After all, there might have been a fee associated with removal from your list, found in paragraph #11. There was a joke list a while back that was free to join, but the unsubscribe instructions mentioned an "unsubscribe-fee" of something like $5. This was just part of the joke, of course, but you can't imagine how many people didn't "get it" and got REALLY pissed off thinking they would have to pay $5 to get taken off the list. Their emails became some of the jokes that the list would send out.

So, I don't know if it's a Guiness world record...but it's certainly the longest remove instruction I've ever seen. Hold your head up high Ernie, and be proud of your accomplishment. =)

--Jason Auvenshine The Philosophy of Liberty:

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