Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 09:07:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: (Gary Fallon)
Subject: Re: [lpaz-discuss] WLA and AZLP


You can choose to ignore my application of the NAP on abortion - your choice. I am not going to spend a lot of time pointing out all of your violations. I'll just cherry pick a couple from your response to the AZ Republic - ---- Q. How would you advance relations with Mexico?

A. By exchanging the opportunity for their workforce to support their families for a 5-10% levy on the wages earned here to be used to totally indemnify American/Arizona Citizens from all costs incurred including emergency medical, criminal and educational. [snip]

Q. Phoenix wants to build a new $600 million convention center. Should the state pay for half? Why or why not?

A. Possibly, but what are we saving these parcels for? - just so the next generation can't use them either? [snip]

Q. What would you do to attract industries and jobs with higher pay and more power in the 21st century economy?

A. The draw of a simple tax combined with lessened regulation and a stable work force is enormous. Business owners agree that a simple 5-10% tax on gross revenues, without deductions is preferable to the almost indecipherable current. Eliminating government over-regulation and inconsistent, often punitive use of the tax code will attract companies and corporations, and good jobs along with them.

Q. Do you think some or all of the hundreds of millions of dollars in tax exemptions created by lawmakers in recent decades should be repealed? Which ones? Do you favor a sales tax on services? Why or why not?

A. There can be no exemptions to a legitimate tax. Q. Phoenix wants to build a new $600 million convention center. Should the state pay for half? Why or why not? ----

Wow Barry!!! So, you call yourself a libertarian and advocate:

5-10% income tax on Mexicans??? State should possibly pay $300 million for a convention center??? 5-10% tax on gross businessrevenue??? There is such a thing as a legitimate tax???

-- AZ Governor's Race 2k2 <> wrote: > And the funny part is that for all of your
> mis-leading the few who actually
> fall for it, the fact remains that you 'were in
> charge' while the LP and
> 'libertarianism' deteriorated. I remain convinced
> that you just want the
> shiny badge back. It screams from your missives,
> ever hear the phrase, "he
> who smelt it, .... ?
> And incidentally, if Gary 'defined' Libertarinism
> by not doing anything or
> picking and choosing which part of the philosophy he
> chooses to ignore...
> A point to ponder is that I remain the ONLY Gov.
> Candidate who doesn't and
> hasn't strayed, at all, from the Libertarian
> philosophy. Your real problem
> is that I won't do it 'your' way.
> As always,
> Barry
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Ernest Hancock" <>
> > It's obvious that some still do not understand. So
> here it goes again.
> Gary
> > was about defining libertarianism, not being a
> Libertarian Party member.
> Now
> > that this has been accomplished we are going to do
> our best to be as
> > separate from the LP as possible. We can not
> afford to have statements
> from
> > candidates and officers like Schmerl, Hess and
> Porr taint our message. We
> > will make a _point_ of running in other party
> primaries to make this point
> > since even you are not getting it.
> <snip the blah, blah, blah>
> > Show us a principled candidate and I know many
> that will be all over the
> > prospect of helping. But a full slate of Ed Porrs
> or Barry Hesses and I
> > can't get far enough away personally.
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