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Subject: [libs4peace] Terrorism Solutions from Harry Browne
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Unlike the LP, Browne isn't afraid to say "end foreign aid."

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> How to Oppose Terrorism
> by Harry Browne
> I frequently get emails from people saying that I
> only complain -- and never offer solutions to the
> terrorism problem. That isn't true, see...
> but here's a laundry list of "Do"s and "Don't"s
> regarding the war. (And please note that it doesn't
> include being nice to the terrorists.)
> What to Do
> * Repeal the regulations that prohibit guns on
> planes -- and that mandate metal detectors and
> security searches at airports. Before those
> measures were introduced in 1973, there were no
> reported cases of passengers shooting each other
> by accident or in arguments. There _were_ a few
> hijackings using guns, but far fewer passengers
> actually died than have been killed since
> introducing the security measures.
> * Recognize that 9/11 was a trillion-to-one shot
> that couldn't be duplicated in a million years.
> So don't turn America upside-down, causing
> billions of dollars in losses to companies and
> business travelers to prevent the repetition of
> something that most likely won't happen again
> anyway.
> * Find Osama bin Laden, capture him, and try him
> in America. _He must have a fair trial_ --
> consistent with the rules of evidence and the
> Bill of Rights. If he's killed without a trial,
> he'll become a martyr throughout the Muslim world
> -- creating hundreds of millions more
> anti-Americans who will support future acts of
> terrorism. If he isn't really behind the 9/11
> attacks, killing him without a fair trial
> terminates the hunt for the real criminal
> -- leaving us in danger. So prosecute anyone who
> shoots him on sight.
> * Declare an end to the so-called War on Terrorism.
> Call it a victory, a defeat, or an armistice.
> But quit acting as though it's an excuse to
> invade any country or take away our civil
> liberties.
> For the Future . . .
> These long-term measures should be taken:
> * Bring all American troops home. They're a
> principal cause of the anti-American feeling
> that provides financial support, networking, and
> manpower for thugs who wouldn't be much of a
> threat otherwise. How would you feel if Chinese
> troops were stationed in your city?
> * Stop telling other countries who their leaders
> should be or what their foreign policy must be.
> President Bush can buy off foreign leaders with
> your tax money, but he can't buy the friendship
> of the people in those countries -- people who
> suffer because of misguided policies forced on
> them by arrogant American know-it-alls. How
> would you feel if the Russians issued ultimatums
> regarding how our country must be run?
> * End all foreign aid -- military and economic. It
> has ruined countries, provided resources to our
> enemies, and turned hundreds of millions of
> people against America.
> * Stop choosing sides in foreign political battles.
> They're none of our business, and our meddling
> usually comes back to haunt us. (Remember, our
> government supported Iraq in its war against
> Iran.)
> * Recognize that foreigners don't care whether or
> not you're "free." They do care whether or not
> our government is interfering in their country.
> What Not to Do
> And here's a list of things we definitely should
> _not_ do. . . .
> * Don't set up military tribunals that operate
> without the Anglo-Saxon rules of evidence.
> That's a sure way to convict the wrong people
> and allow the real criminals to continue
> hurting us.
> * Don't imprison people without trial, without a
> lawyer to defend them, and without access to
> their families and the press. What's the point
> of "defending America" if we throw away American
> principles?
> * Don't invade Iraq. That's probably the only way
> to motivate Saddam Hussein to attack us with
> whatever dangerous weapons he might have. So
> long as we leave him alone, he won't commit the
> suicidal act of provoking the U.S. to drop
> nuclear bombs on him.
> * Don't disrespect the sovereignty of foreign
> countries when chasing Osama Bin Laden. How
> would you like foreign police or military to run
> around your city chasing people they think are
> criminals?
> * Don't assume that your government tells you the
> gospel truth -- or that it will succeed in
> anything it does. Don't forget that these same
> politicians told you they were running budget
> surpluses while they were hiding deficits by
> stealing from Social Security. And these are
> the same Keystone Kops who have promised for
> decades to stamp out drugs, poverty, crime, and
> sin. How well have they succeeded?
> * Don't let politicians use the so-called War on
> Terrorism as an excuse to take away our
> remaining freedoms.
> Apology
> I'm sorry that I can't snap my fingers and undo 50
> years of bad American foreign policy. Unfortunately,
> by continuing to tell the rest of the world what to
> do, President Bush is making a bad situation even
> worse.
> So here's a final _don't_:
> Don't lose your self-respect. It isn't necessary
> for you to speak out against the war, but don't
> embarrass yourself by joining in patriotic displays
> that are nothing but sound and fury.
> If you deceive others or deceive yourself, you too
> will be a casualty of the so-called War on
> Terrorism.
> Harry Browne is the Director of Public Policy for
> American Liberty Foundation.
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