Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 16:08:09 -0700
From: jdm@DERU.COM ("J.D. McKim")
Subject: Glendale Responds

I think they forgot there was supposed to be an investigation until I wore my "I dare you to arrest me" sign at the football fest last week. The timing is too coincidental.

----- September 3, 2002

Mr. J. D. McKim XXXXXXXXXXX Glendale, AZ 85301

Dear Mr. McKim:

This letter is in response to your complaint about the conduct of officers of the Glendale Police Department when they contacted you on June 11, 2002 outside of the Glendale City Council Chambers.

The Department has spoken to the officers involved in this incident and has listened to your audiotape of the contact. We sincerely regret that you were asked to produce a city permit to conduct the activity you were involved in. The officers who responded felt that your activity did fall within the parameters of a city ordinance requiring permits for special events. As a result of this incident, we have revisied this issue with our officers and confirmed to them that your activity does not require such a permit.

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. By doing so, it infers to me that you trust us enough to honestly investigate such incidents and appropriately deal with them.


Randy Henderlite Acting Assistant Police Chief -----

His inference is incorrect.


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