Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 11:01:09 -0700
From: ("AZ Governor's Race 2k2")
Subject: Re: [lpaz-discuss] Re: Values

Hey Kevin;

You're right. I was extremely clear as to my intentions at three meetings of Libertarians, and all three have haunted me. At that time I still held the romantic notion that all people who were Libertarians could be trusted to be discreet, honorable and principled. I've learned a lot since then. I especially thought that the 'old ALP' members could be automatically trusted, but some members of the press have been on to me ever since, and they didn't approve of my trying to make a mockery of CE. I also assumed that this list could be trusted and the privacy of all participants would be respected--how else could we talk openly? When it hit me that there really are traitors amongst us, I felt like a kid finding out there was no Santa Claus.

I had envisioned a concerted, and fun effort to pull it off, not the self-destruct mechanism that came into focus. I don't even remember Mike R.'s letter, but I do remember talking to him on the phone when he asked for all my media contacts, which I sent him. I'll help any Libertarian, I thought that's how we all thought, that it was "our" struggle to be free that bound us.. As far as Mike goes, it was his jumping from one Party to the next and the unwarranted speculations and accusations and just plain stoopid comments that convinced me to disregard him.

I will always take pride in knowing that I faced the real temptation, and managed to resist. Looking back, there were a lot of things I could/should have done differently. Unfortunately, too much time and energy was spent fending off 'my own people' when if I knew then what I know now, I would have just ignored them and kept moving. If I should ever choose to offer my services to the Libertarian (real ones who actually want to bring about a restoration of our freedoms) Party again, I know who I can count on. Sorry to disappoint you, Gary, but even the thought of spending tens of thousands of my own dollars, and another year of my life seeking the 2004 nomination, makes me cringe. Right now, I am convinced that I have done my part. I am not interested in becoming a perennial candidate, paper, clown or otherwise.

I appreciate Gary's forthrightness in stating that the only reason he's in this is because he was recruited, not because he had some burning desire to make a difference or had anything to offer 'the masses'. He's made it clear that he is not able to do anything timewise to spread the message. The last place I'd want to be is in his position. And personally, I happen to admire his being an adoptive parent, that takes a lot. So, if he got the nomination, what does the Party get? Nothing, poof, fools again. All of the press knows he's a protest candidate, so they won't/don't take him seriously at all in the general just as they don't now. Even thick-skinned ol' me would have a tough time handling that kind of embarrassment or getting up in front of cameras or people and trying to convince them that 'now' I'm, really. I don't mean to stick up for him, but I really think those people who put him up to it without concern for his reputation and his future (serious) value to the cause owe him a huge apology. It's been just this callous disregard for people that has kept the Party a joke for the last ten or twelve years, and has defeated it's own supposed purpose.

Whatever happens, happens. I'm still committed to doing all that I can to restore freedom for all of us, cause that's the only way I'm going to get mine.

As always, Barry

----- Original Message ----- From: "Kevin McCalix" <>

> On Saturday 31 August 2002 10:54 pm, Steve Trinward wrote:
> > Woudl you all have kept it private among you? If it was a strategy
> > designed to (a) maintain the information flow as a potential "clean"
> > candidate; (b) maintain the issue as a potential for later; and (c)
> > keep the option open in order to trash the check ...
> >
> > Don't you think the AZ general public (or the Republic, or the state
> > gove folks themselves?) would have found out through the grapevine,
> > and begun to ignore Barry (as many did anyway?)
> >
> > As a strategy, could it have been made known to more than a handful,
> > without blowing the whole deal?
> I only recently subscribed to this list, so I'm not sure what Barry
> said on here, but I recall last fall, he addressed a meeting of the
> Pima LP (back when they actually held meetings). At that meeting, he
> said plainly that he was planning on qualifying for the funds, holding
> a press conference, and then burning the check. Now, I'm not
> questioning his word on that, but if he could say that at an open
> meeting at a public place, the argument that he needed to keep his
> strategy guarded just doesn't hold water.
> However, as I said, I only recently subscribed here, so it's entirely
> possible that I'm missing something. If so, from what I've seen so
> far, I have no doubt that quite a number of you will correct me. :)
> - Kevin
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