Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 09:22:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: (Joe Duarte)
Subject: Re: [lpaz-Pima] Duarte's defense

For the record, I am not operating from any sort of defensive mindset. The possibility of a conviction on these capricious charges is not one I have considered. So I don't think I'll ever face the reality of fines, jail, etc. My mindset is offensive, not defensive. I assume the charges will either be pulled before the arraignment or dropped by the Pima County Attorney (PCA) after the arraignment. The PCA won't have the charges until after this hearing, when I plead Not Guilty. Until then, it's possible that the issuing police department could pull the charges. Since everything was caught on tape, and the police had no grounds to make an arrest, the PCA would be insane to try to prosecute me. The real issue is what I will d to the responsible parties. Joe Duarte
David Green wrote:Joe wrote in a recent e-mail that he will refuse to pay any fine imposed by the court, so unless the judge dismisses the case, maybe he will get a few days jail time. I think, in the spirit of the Western Libertarian Alliance, that an attempt should be made to find a libertarian attorney who will undertake Joe's case on a pro bono basis. Two names that come to mind are Bob Bushkin and Ed Kahn. Since he knows them fairly well, I am asking in this -mail if Jason would like to approach each of them on this issue. If jail time is imposed, a good strong defense could balloon this incident into a real cause celebre. The search to find a willing attorney should probably start well before Joe's court date. David

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