Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 09:30:04 -0700
From: weavermt@YAHOO.COM (Tim Weaver)
Subject: Re: Cops and Unlawful Orders

Gosh...that tactic sounds awfully familiar...the Glendale "you need a permit to hold a sign outside of city coucil meetings" Police must have exported that play to Houston, it worked so well here.

Jon Paladini, Assistant City Attorney, said in the paper that, yeah, they probably shouldn't have done that. Oops..we won't do it again. Still haven't heard squat from PD after my requests to both Chief Dobrotka (now gone) or Lt. Matt Lively ( ) regarding what happend to JD.


--- Dave Kopp <wizard@VAN-KOPP.COM> wrote: > Hey Angel,
> A point which seems to escape some folks. I would like to point out at
> this
> juncture that the Houston Police Chief made this comment *after* his
> line
> officers had already happily arrested over a hundred people for what
> should
> have been, at most, a ticketable petty offense. They did so because a
> superior told them to, and not a single one questioned that order, even
> though, according to their Chief, they were all taught at the academy
> that
> they should not obey an unlawful order. So his comments after the fact,
> while a nice gesture, serve mainly to point out the fact that cops will
> do
> as they're told, regardless of their training and their oaths. How one
> could draw any other conclusion is beyond me.

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