Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 17:09:37 -0000
From: ("maywood2008")
Subject: [lpaz-discuss] Re: Fw: Press Release--Hess rejects Clean Elections

--- In lpaz-discuss@y..., "AZ Governor's Race 2k2" <AZGovernor@E...> wrote: >
> > I hope you believe that I have consistently treated you fairly. I
> > never made any predictions or prophecies about whether you would
> > take the money; I merely said that I could not approve of the
> > position you took on the matching funds issue.
> No I don't. My position never changed.

Well, all I can say is I'm sorry you feel that way. Because I have been fair. And like everyone else here, I've been completely confused about your intentions on the matching funds for the last year. And I also think that I'm reasonably intelligent and reasonably literate, and that I would be able to tell what your intentions were if you had been clear about them.

You, on the other hand, continue to be unfair i your treatment of Gary and others, by referring to persons as the "thought police." I don't see Gary slapping the cuffs on you for thinking the way you do. A real libertarian can tell the difference between persuasion and force.

> > More than that, I hoped you would find a way to have the best of
> > both worlds without splitting the baby. For example, if you chose
> > to raise $5 contributions from 4,000 people independently of the
> > Clean Elections three-part forms, I would have participated in
> > helping you raise those donations.
> >
> You seem to enjoy that wrongly-used phrase, but I don't buy the "I
> would have..."

You may be right - I may be just blowing smoke. But I have a track record that shows that I help other candidates with my time and money when I believe in what they are doing.

You should have done the right thing on this issue regardless of whether it would result in my helping or not. And you didn't do the right thing. I'm not being the thought police; I'm merely voicing my opinion on libertarian principle.

> > There is a question as to whether Ernie treated you unfairly with
> > his predictions. I would say that he was 95% fair; occasionally
> > he made a remark that was not fair. But for the most part, your
> > failure to state your plans allowed Ernie and others to
> > legitimately treat you as a participator in the program.
> >
> From my perspective, your percentages are exactly reversed. Ernie
> knew what my plans were all along, he just chose to misconstrue
> them.

Maybe you should back off on this idea that people "knew what my plans were all along"... because it is pretty damn clear that not many people understood your intentions.

David Euchner

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