Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 17:00:48 -0000
From: ("auvenj")
Subject: [lpaz-discuss] Re: Values

--- In lpaz-discuss@y..., "AZ Governor's Race 2k2" <AZGovernor@E...> wrote: > Suffice it to say that, yes, I was able to qualify for funding at any time
> in a Janet Napolitano sort of way (she used the unions). Yes, the lies and
> insinuations almost led me to do it on more than one occasion. (In my
> 'pro/con' assessment--to piss Ernie off was the only thing in the 'pro'
> column) And, no, my heart wouldn't let me. I'm glad it's over.

I'm really sorry to hear that Barry, because in that context I consider your appeals for the contributions (the fundraising letter and the email) to be grossly misleading.

As a reader of those appeals, I had the distinct impression that you were doing everything in your power to qualify. I was led to believe that my help was urgently needed in order for you to e able to qualify. If, in fact, you could have qualified at any time then IMHO you were not justified in conveying the impression that more contributions were needed for the purposes of qualifying.

I'm sure that it can be justified on a technical basis. I'm not interested in parsing sentences and I'm not accusing you of outright fraud. There's no benefit to be gained for freedom by doing so. But I'm telling you...I believe I and everyone else who received either the fundraising letter or the emal was led to believe something that you now claim wasn't true: that you genuinely desired to qualify, and you were doing everything you could do to qualify.

Sticking by my man, NOTA... --Jason Auvenshine

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