Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 08:58:44 -0700
From: wizard@VAN-KOPP.COM (Dave Kopp)
Subject: Re: Cops and Unlawful Orders

Hey Angel,

> And being "pro-gun" doesn't mean "pro-Constitution" -- nor does being
"pro-gun" > preclude many such law enforcement officers from enforcing any law that
comes down the > pike (including gun BANS). Every cop is "pro-gun" when the gun is the one
on his hip.

A point which seems to escape some folks. I would like to point out at this juncture that the Houston Police Chief made this comment *after* his line officers had already happily arrested over a hundred people for what should have been, at most, a ticketable petty offense. They did so because a superior told them to, and not a single one questioned that order, even though, according to their Chief, they were all taught at the academy that they should not obey an unlawful order. So his comments after the fact, while a nice gesture, serve mainly to point out the fact that cops will do as they're told, regardless of their training and their oaths. How one could draw any other conclusion is beyond me.

And I would further note that, as predicted, not a single LEO has commented on this subject. What's the matter guys, too tough a question? Or do you all just think that we don't know that you're lurking?

-- L8R.


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