Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 12:14:46 -0600
From: ("Jason Auvenshine")
Subject: [lpaz-discuss] Western Libertarian Alliance
To: ("Jason Auvenshine")

Calling all Pima Libertarians!

The Western Libertarian Alliance in Tucson (WLAT) will be having a meeting:

DATE: Friday evening, September 13th.
TIME: 6pm until when everyone chooses to go home.
LOCATION: Cody's Beef 'n Beans, 2708 E. Ft. Lowell

Who is WLAT? This is the name for a bunch of libertarians who believe that the key to political success is activism. WLAT has no "officers", "elections", "bank account" or "rules". Every individual has equal ability to call a meeting should they so desire, and every individual has equal ability to suggest or organize activism opportunities.

What does WLAT do? WLAT is committed to holding a monthly meeting over dinner, where local activists can talk freely and organize events and strategize for the future. We believe that individuals will contribute their time and money only if they believe in a particular cause, and we encourage individuals to take the initiative to seize upon all opportunities which present themselves.

Why WLAT? Because some things are better done with structure (e.g. getting major party status), and some things are better done with no structure (e.g., activism). If you want to get something official done by the Libertarian Party, you have to wait for a board meeting to be called and a vote to be taken. WLAT has no such structure; if you want something done you ask individuals to help you and if your cause is worthy then people who agree will help you.

Items planned to be discussed at the Sept 13 meeting:

1) Protesting Joe Duarte's court hearing on September 16
2) How to help out libertarian candidates in the general election season
3) When is a good time to have meetings?

If we want to have any effect on the November elections, we need to start acting now. Please come to the meeting if you can. If you have a scheduling conflict, please e-mail (either to the LPAZ-Pima list, or to Jason or Dave) any ideas you have that you would like to have discussed.

Hope to see you all there,

"the guys who called the meeting":
Jason Auvenshine ( )
David Euchner ( )

--Jason Auvenshine
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