Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 19:36:03 -0700
From: rdestep136@EARTHLINK.NET (RD)
Subject: Marginalizing in the press

Gunning for Wilbur's rights

Democrat Mark Fleisher, who slapped the slogan "Protecting Your Gun Rights" on his campaign signs, is working beyond his species to protect the right to bear arms. He's fighting for pistol-packing cats, too.

In a campaign stunt last week, Fleisher launched a signature campaign to

give the heat back to the University of Arizona's Wilbur the Wildcat mascot.

The UA ordered the caricature of Wilbur - the mascot used on t-shirts, mugs and other stuff - to be gun-free.

Fleisher started the roundup at his headquarters, east of campus at East

Sixth Street and North Tucson Boulevard, and hung a sign out front reading, "Give Wilbur His Guns Back."

He said signatures will be forwarded to the "appropriate UA authorities."

By Monday morning, fewer than 10 people had signed the petition, said Fleisher, blaming a lack of media publicity.

No word yet on whether any candidates will push to put pants on Wilbur.

Zajac's aim: armed teachers

Some candidates might be content arming school mascots, but John C. Zajac said giving teachers guns is really the way to be effective.

Zajac, Libertarian candidate for state superintendent of public instruction, advocated the move at a recent debate. He said having teachers pack heat

with state concealed-weapons permits wuld help them protect schoolchildren from attacks.

He ran out of time before he could expand on what kind of attacks he envisions.

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