Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 14:59:03 -0700
From: azrebroker@INAME.COM ("John C. Wentling")
Subject: Re: Cops and Unlawful Orders

It sure is - and because of those two jackbooted thugs actions I have zero respect for the Glendale P.D. and it's personnel.

We shouldn't let this incident pass without accountability. We could show up in force at the next City function with signs condemning the Glendale Gestapo - that should get their attention.

John Wentling

> FWIW, Glendale PD *still* hasn't gotten back to anyone (that I know) of
> their officer's blatant disregard for the First Amendment when two cops
> (one uniform, one plain clothes) told a list member that he could not
> quietly hold a sign that said "If Goulet has his was, we'll all have no
> say", protesting the councilman's statement of wanting to increase
> requirements for initiatives because they are inconvenient for the city.
> Jay held this sign up as people were walking out of the swearing in
> ceremony for the recently relected councilcritters. The paper wrote about
> it (briefly), and the Chief (now gone) and Lieutenant both assured they
> would get back with comments from their Professional Standards group.
> I've heard nothing.
> This is how Glendale operates...they violate rights, which gets you to
> move now/solves the immediate issue (in this case, embarassing an ass of a
> councilman), then claim the next day "yeah, we probably shouldn't have
> done that...."
> That's how Glendale operates.

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