Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 13:36:19 -0700
From: Tavares@ALUM.MIT.EDU ("C. D. Tavares")
Subject: Re: Cops and Unlawful Orders

At 1:19 PM -0500 8/29/02, Chris W. Stark wrote: > This blows "some" RKBA wannabe leader's ideas. They would rather say
> that MOST cops don't feel this way, and that a majority of cops are
> not pro-gun, but hate the Bill of Rights.

Nah. They're pro-gun. feel generally positive about the Bill of Rights, and given a choice between following an order and honoring the constitution, they'll choose a paycheck over their ethics every time.

Tell me, how many cops have you EVER seen in the press saying that their underlings should disobey unlawful orders? Or even that THEY should disobey unlawful orders?

I can count them on one hand. This guy. Sheriff Mack. The chief in Colorado who was interviewed in John Stossel's drug war documentary. And I have two fingers left over for any of the other 800,000 cops in America who would like to claim them.

See, the trick is that most of the people who could claim either of those fingers aren't cops... any more.

> This is the type of law enforcement that I was priveleged to see when
> I lived and worked in Houston. Unfortunately, the media ONLY tells us
> of the bad cops, so most "simple minded" folks believe the media is
> showing them the entire picture.

Pardon me, but with all due respect to Forrest Gump, police are like a box of mushrooms. Only an idiot argues that the number of mushrooms in the box that *weren't* poisonous means a good goddamn to anybody. -- | | RKBA!

It used to be the boast of free men that, so long as they kept within the bounds of known law, there was no need to ask anybody's permission or obey anybody's orders. It is doubtful whether any of us can make that claim today. --F. A. HAYEK

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