Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 21:58:58 -0700
From: (Mike Dugger)
Subject: [lpaz-discuss] Re: Fw: Press Release--Hess rejects Clean Elections
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Barry, you must think we are all as stuipid as you are!

-Mike Dugger

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>Barry Hess, Arizona Libertarian Candidate for Governor announced last
>night at a Libertarian gathering in Flagstaff, that he was rejecting
>participation in Arizona's 'Clean Elections' scheme to finance political
>campaigns with public money. Hess reiterated his decision today at an
>event in Sierra Vista, stating simly that after due consideration, that
>"Matt's (Salmon) reasoning prevailed. He's right, how can we expect our
>next Governor to fix the $1 Billion budget deficit when they're willing to
>take a million dollars from fellow Arizonans?" Hess and Salmon are the
>only major candidates to refuse funding.
>Today's event marked the 230th appearance Hess has made in his 18 month
>campaign to restore good, open and honest government.
>Hess was well-aware that his participation, as a Libertarian would hav
>lent an air of legitimacy to a program that he believes to be "fatally
>flawed and poorly-conceived". "What were we thinking in voting to give
>professional politicians public money? Just look at what's happened. I
>understand that 6 'clean' candidates either are, or have been investigated
>for violations of the Act itself. How many more examples do we need to
>rid ourselves of this scourge? If the intent was to give Arizona a
>broader political spectrum untainted by special interests from which to
>choose, why not just raise the $5.00 qualifier to $20.00 and pool all
>those funds to buy guaranteed airtime and/or signage for participants?",
>said Hess.
>His willingness to play too close to the fire of government-controlled
>elections had sparked a protest candidacy on this single issue which Hess
>had hoped would generate more interest than it has. "It's sad that most
>Arizonans aren't even aware that they're being fleeced". Hess has been
>sitting on pledges far exceeding the 4,000, 5.00 contributions required
>to qualify for funding, from past associates involved in multi-level
>marketing and admits he was tempted to call them all in on more than one
>occasion. "The issue is not addressed in the Libertarian platform, so I
>cannot condemn a candidate for taking public funding as a means to get
>into position to change things, but I sure can condemn the program
>itself! What held me back were the words of my Grandfather, 'Temptation
>resisted, is the true measure of character', and I do confess to having
>been tempted".
>"The biggest reason for my waiting till the 11th hour (August 29th is the
>last day to turn in qualifying forms) was to ensure access to 'clean
>elections' functions he would otherwise have been excluded from. The
>whole thing is just another 'special interest'".
>Though the Libertarian Party is legally-recognized as on par with the
>Republicans and the Democrats in Arizona, they are not unfamiliar with
>being excluded. As in this past Sunday's League of Women Voter's
>debate. Hess said, "The funny part is that I've heard now 5 or 6 lame
>excuses for our not being given equal treatment. So what was this guy
>Richardson thinking when he invited Libertarians to attend (not
>participate) the very debates he had excluded us from? Libertarian
>activists did an excellent job of protesting the event, that led to what I
>believe was an unlawful arrest of our Congressional candidate, Joe Duarte
>who refused to yield his right to protest, that may cost them plenty if
>Mr. Duarte pursues charges."
>Hess said that he was recently contacted by the Clean Elections Institute
>and told he would have to give the $5.00 contributions he did collect to
>the State. But Hess begs to differ, "That's not going to happen, but I
>will return the unused qualifying forms". He points out that he hasn't
>requested certification as a 'clean' candidate and does not fall under
>their authority, at all. Hess will be contacting the individual
>contributors to offer their contributions back, "Of course, we'll now be
>asking for additional contributions up to a $700.00 limit per
>person. That's something people don't seem to get, even if you don't
>participate, you do participate in that you are now limited in
>contribution amounts--talk about limiting 'your' freedom of expression!".
>Said Hess," We've all heard that the pen is mightier than the sword, then
>we found out that the pocketbook is mightier than the pen...I'm betting
>that the Truth is mightier thanthe pocketbook". Hess will now have to
>intensify his fund-raising efforts to be competitive.
>Asked if it has been worth it, and would he do it again this way, Hess
>stated flatly, "No, but I will not be cowed by anyone, and that's how I
>intend make decisions from the 9th floor".
>When asked to summarize his decision he said, "In the words of the poet,
>Bob Dylan, 'I have been released!', it was the right thing to do".

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