Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 09:09:24 -0700
From: wizard@VAN-KOPP.COM (Dave Kopp)
Subject: Cops and Unlawful Orders

Hey Folks,

I have heard from many a cop, time and again, that they "just follow orders", and that it's not up to them to decide what law enforcement tasks are legitimate and constitutional. Guess they never worked in Houston, TX. Or is this police chief just wrong?

I'd be really curious to know what our resident LEOs LEO is pig or cop slang for Law Enforcement Officer - the webmaster think about this Chief's comment, reprinted below. Is he right, or not? If he isn't, why not? If he is, how would you qualify it?

I'm not holding my breath for a flood of responses ...

Excerpted from ...

Police chief critical of raid, Quizzed by council on arrests by Kristen Mack Copyright 2002 Houston Chronicle

Houston Police Chief C.O. Bradford told City Council on Wednesday that he was embarrassed by the mass arrests of 273 people on trespassing charges earlier this month, and he implied that officers should have disobeyed orders to arrest them. Bradford, in his first public appearance since the Aug. 18 raid, said officers should have given out citations that night, rather than arresting hundreds of people at a westside Kmart Super Center and a Sonic Drive-In in the 8400 block of Westheimer.

"Officers are taught beginning in the academy that they are not to follow an unlawful order," Bradford said. He added later that "arresting citizens for minor offenses has not been a department policy. I wouldn't approve of a plan as it was executed that night."

<remainder snipped>

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