Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 21:08:05 -0700
From: rdestep136@EARTHLINK.NET (RD)
Subject: Hess is Ernie-esque

From tonite's press release:


Barry Hess, Arizona Libertarian Candidate for Governor announced last night at a Libertarian gathering in Flagstaff, that he was rejecting participation in Arizona's 'Clean Elections' scheme to finance political campaigns with public money. Hess reiterated his decision today at an event in Sierra Vista, stating simply that after due consideration, that "Matt's (Salmon) reasoning prevailed. He's right, how can we expect our next Governor to fix the $1 Billion budget deficit when they're willing to take a million dollars from fellow Arizonans?" Hess and Salmon are the only major candidates to refuse funding.

Today's event marked the 230th appearance Hess has made in his 18 month campaign to restore good, open and honest government. <snip> Hess has been sitting on pledges far exceeding the 4,000, $5.00 contributions required to qualify for funding, from past associates involved in multi-level marketing and admits he was tempted to call them all in on more than one occasion. <snip> Hess said that he was recently contacted by the Clean Elections Institute and told he would have to give the $5.00 contributions he did collect to the State. But Hess begs to differ, "That's not going to happen, but I will return the unused qualifying forms". He points out that he hasn't requested certification as a 'clean' candidate and does not fall under their authority, at all. Hess will be contacting the individual contributors to offer their contributions back, "Of course, we'll now be asking for additional contributions up to a $700.00 limit per person.

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