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Congress says president needs OK for war

Fox News Without addressing the legal limits of the president's power, lawmakers say that President Bush needs to seek Congress' approval before sending American troops to attack Iraq because it's the right thing to do. (08/27/02)


What shall Americans do about this constitutional/political 'war & peace' issue?

It's good to hear from retired judge and curent Prof. Steve Russell who used to live here in Austin, Texas.

Please see much more about the growing dissent to this (these?) war(s) posted below his message:

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You miss the point. The claim is not that, as a general proposition, the President has the power to declare war. That is absurd.

The claim is that Congress has already spoken, and put Saddam's fate in the hands of Bush the Elder. Therefore, the reasoning goes, Bush the Younger has authorization to finish the job.

It is a brilliant political move, because it shifts the burden to an inert mass of wind sniffers in Washington to act. They have to pass an un-declaration of war, as it were.

It's the legislative equivalent of Richard Nixon's appeals to the "great silent majority."

It is a test of democracy. Has anyone ever lost a bet on the inertia of Congress?

Brilliant move in a corrupt cause.

Steve Russell

-----Original Message----- From: Terry L Parker [] Sent: Mon 8/26/2002 5:17 PM Subject: Prez Can Bypass Congress for War?

****please see post about growing dissent below this****

What shall American's do about:

CRAWFORD, Texas (CNN) -- White House lawyers have concluded that President Bush doesn't need congressional approval to launch an attack against Iraq, a senior administration official said Monday.


US Constitution:

Art II sec 2 clause 1; The President shall be Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several States, when called into the actual service of the United States

Art I sec 8 The Congress shall have the power... clause 11; To declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water:


Defend the Constitution "Congress must demand that the Constitution and Bill of Rights be fully respected, particularly in this time of crisis." Sign statement here:

****please see post about growing dissent below this****

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