Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 06:51:12 -0700
From: ("Kristi Stone")
Subject: FW: Outreach booth this weekend...
To: ( "SDLP mirror"), ("SD Chat" ), ("SD Candidates")

From Brian Lee Cross...


Neighboring Libertarians, this weekend the LP of Orange County has a booth at the Orange International Street Fair in the city of Orange. If you need time in an OPH booth for your Lights Of Liberty award, please sign up for a shift. This event is one of the single largest outdoor events in Orange County all year, and lots of fun. Lots of food, drinks, snacks, craft booths, and music. Come pull a shift in our booth, then stay and have fun!!

Shifts are as follows:

Friday 4pm-7pm; 7pm-10pm Saturday 10am-1pm; 1pm-4pm; 4pm-7pm; 7pm-10pm Sunday 10am-1pm; 1pm-4pm; 4pm-7pm; 7pm-10pm

If you can help us out, let me know by e-mail or call: 714-532-1755. I will send you directions and details when you contact me.

Thanks!! :-)

Love and Luck always,

Brian Lee Cross

Libertarian Candidate CA State Assembly, 72 District.

"I do not believe in Democracy, but I am perfectly willing to admit that it provides the only really amusing form of government ever endured by mankind." - H.L. Mencken

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