Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 18:10:00 -0000
From: ("maywood2008")
Subject: [lpaz-Pima] Re: Joe Duarte & the Fascist pigs

--- In lpaz-Pima@y..., "Patricia E. McKenna" <tarasham@d...> wrote: > Disorderly conduct? Disrupting an educational institution? It
> looked like a Saturday Night Live skit, but isn't funny. No one
> out there looked and acted as pacific as a preacher like Joe did.
> His sign didn't even have a stick on it which is usually the point
> they try to make as a stick sign could be used as a weapon. I
> personally pledge $50 for Joe's Defense Fund. Anyone else want to
> join in? Pat McKenna 319-1649

Pat's right all around. I can't represent Joe in court yet, but I pledge my time in helping him to prepare his case. Actually I think this will be a better case if Joe represents himself, because it really is a political trial and a show trial and in these cases the standard rule of "A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client" does not apply.

Donations of money might be better used by giving to Duarte for Congress. Joe's Defense Fund probably will not need a lot of money, but if it does then we can set one up. These are petty offenses, and the worst case scenario is that he'll get convicted of misdemeanors and get a small fine. His Congressional campaign, on the other hand, could use thousands of dollars right now to push this issue while it's still in the press.

All of this happened because Ernie Hancock and Gary Fallon came down from Phoenix, decided to create an issue where it did not previously exist. My otherwise high-profile looking-to-get-arrested attitude is on the back burner for a little while and no one else was eager to do it, and then Ernie shows up, sees what is going on and says "OK it's time to call their hand."

It's been nine years since I've been arrested, but I remember the jitters I felt. And I had hours to get myself mentally prepared for it. Joe heard Ernie say "Who's gonna get arrested?" and stepped up, and five minutes later he was in cuffs. And he handled the situation beautifully, and he had great TV interviews with KVOA-4 and Telemundo after being released (I have the KVOA bit from the 10:00 news on video). I think his Telemundo interview was probably the killer because we've got a Congressional candidate speaking near-fluent Spanish and being charmed by a slightly awestruck reporter. I couldn't understand most of the conversation, but I could tell that she was asking him really easy questions just so that he could look even better than he already did (Joe was dressed quite well). Joe, this is something you can be extremely proud of and tell your grandkids about someday.

The only thing that would have made the event better was higher attendance. Props to Pat, Bob Q, Ingrid, Grant, and Kevin (I think that covers everyone from Tucson besides Joe, Jason and myself - my humblest apologies if I forgot anyone). But if it weren't for the Phoenix crew coming to create the opportunity then the media would not have even covered us at all. In the future, we need 50 people for these events.

We've got two and a half months left before the General Election. I believe that the LP has to step up to the plate in Tucson and show the media that we're here and we have something INTELLIGENT to say. Sometimes the opportunities will be served to us on a silver platter; but sometimes we're going to have to be creative. It's time to make a difference...

David Euchner

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