Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 01:35:40 -0700
From: ("AZ Governor's Race 2k2")

I beg to differ, Dave. There was plenty of work that kept it going inside as well. It's not 'either, or' it's BOTH. Do you not get it? It was Joe who stood up and made it happen, not Ernie, and I walked in being interviewed by Le Templa from the Mesa Tribune.

As always, Barry

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> This is going to generate some excellent press for Joe. KVOA-Tucson,
> the sponsors of the debat, started its live coverage only a moment
> before Joe was put into cuffs for holding a sign, and shortly
> thereafter KVOA got to interview him and it was on the 10:00 news. In
> fact, Joe got more air time than the coverage of the debate itself!
> This was yet another example of Ernie creating great press where
> there was to be very little, if any. Before Ernie, Gary, C.D. and
> Orville showed up, someone from the East Valley Tribune was chatting
> with Jason and myself and Barry, but noting was going to materialize
> from these interviews. Ernie shows up, sees that the police would not
> let us stand anywhere near the building, and created a ruckus.
> And it all happened because Gary Fallon was wise enough to know that
> he was more powerful by NOT going inside the building than he could
> be by going in like Barry did. Gary had a media pass to give to a
> guest, and he gave it to Ernie who then gave it to Joe.
> Telemundo also interviewed Joe when KVOA finished. And Joe's Spanish
> is not as great as it once was, but he's still pretty good. Certainly
> a lot better than Jim Kolbe or Mary Judge Ryan. Joe definitely looks
> good on TV.
> This is a great chance to contribute to the Duarte campaign, now that
> he's getting favorable coverage in the media. Check out
> and see what you can do to help him out.
> David Euchner
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