Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002 23:52:51 -0700
From: (Phil In The Blank)


Well, Joe, I would say something like, "I'm speechless," but Scott Stewart, Don Burtchin and I all witnessed Ernie Hancock get arrested for displaying signs on his Isuzu Trooper parked on a public street during Janet "I Murder Children for Fun and Profit" Reno's speech up at that school in Phoenix several years back. Ernie was arrested by the Phoenix PD for displaying the signs and then was magically "un"arrested (there is no such thing as "unarrested" legally or otherwise -- they just wanted opposing views suppressed) a few hours later after remaining in PPD's custody while the murderess gave her speech to the wildly applauding talking monkeys, so you're not the first.

Can you win a court battle on First Amendment rights with Ed's, Peter's and Dave's help? Maybe, but I wouldn't hold my breath. We do not live in the same country most people would have you believe. The best that you can hope for in the short run is to milk the "Fascism is alive and well in Pima County" publicity for all it's worth in the local rags (including the Star, Citizen, Weekly, Mildcat and the second-tier) and on talk radio tomorrow (hit the John C. Scott Show between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM, and Emil Franzi's Show between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM at 880-5858) and hope that Barbara LaWawa freaks and comes forward with even more campaign mileage for you when she hears it live on the air. In the meantime, Joe, I would start trolling for cash from our ranks BIG TIME (to aid not only your campaign efforts, but to help pay any fine imposed should you lose in court). I would also call every gubernatorial candidate AND your congressional opponents and demand that they make public statements about this atrocity. Also, please demand that Kolbe put the 501(c)(3) status of the Plague of Women Voters on his short list of tax code oversight reviews.

And people wonder why some of us engage in hate speech against the government so freely.

Still wondering why so few people out there "get it" yet, Phil

PS: You're court appearance is on my birthday (9-16), so I may be in Wisconsin at the time, but I wouldn't miss that kangaroo's tap dance for all the money in the world if I'm still here and well enough to attend! I'd suggest that everyone here make it to court that day, too!

"A lot of despots won the war long after they were dead. Look at Hitler. He won. About the only things missing from this country's fascist lexicon that would suggest his victory wasn't complete is that our freeways are a joke compared to the Autobahn and our police don't dress as snappily." -- Phil, of

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